The new nursing student playlist

Are you heading into nursing school soon, or just getting started? Then these episodes are about to become your BFFs! Pop in those earbuds and let's talk thorugh all my best advice and tips for thriving in nursing school. Click on each link to listen from your computer or follow this step-by-step guide for listening on your mobile device. See you there!

Things to Know Before Your First Nursing Clinical Day - Straight A Nursing Podcast Episode 267

7 Things to Know Before Starting Clinicals: Episode 267

Common Nursing School Questions - Straight A Nursing Podcast Episode 266

Five Questions I Get Asked About Nursing School: Episode 266

Ep 265 (POD ONLY)

Nursing School Classes Decoded: Episode 265

Secrets of Successful Nursing Students #18, #19, and #20

Secrets 18-20 Revealed: Episode 255

Accepting Feedback in Nursing School - Straight A Nursing Podcast

BONUS! Accepting Feedback in Nursing School: Episode 254

232 6 Myths about nursing school POD

BONUS! Let’s Bust Some Nursing School Myths: Episode 232

231 First two weeks of nursing school POD

BONUS! My First Two Weeks of Nursing School: Episode 231

229 What to do if you have a bad teacher POD

BONUS! What if your teacher is terrible? Episode 229

228 Four more secrets of successful nursing students POD

More Secrets of Successful Nursing Students Revealed: Episode 228

Looking for more ?

I've curated a few playlists based off the things my students ask about the most. Click the tabs below to start exploring!

This is the perfect playlist if you're starting nursing school soon! Click here to get started!

Being organized and having solid time management skills is critical in the classroom and at the bedside. I've got my top tips for you here!

Learning how to study for nursing school can be a big adjustment for a lot of students. With this playlist, you'll be ahead of the game! Click here to explore the list!

Do all the hypo and hypers have you hyperventilating? Learn what you really need to know about electrolytes with this playlist. Click here to check it out!

Do you ❤️ the heart? Even if you find this topic challenging, you have to admit that it's really interesting! Use this playlist to reinforce what you learn in class.

Next to cardiac, the Med-Surg topic students ask about the most is respiratory. Use these episodes to boost your clinical and exam performance! Click here to get started 🙂

I'm not going to sugarcoat it.  Your advanced Med-Surg class and critical care rotations are going to rock your world. But in a totally good way! I promise this playlist can help!

Congratulations to you, new nurse! I'm so proud of you! Chances are, you have a LOT of questions about making this critical transition. I got you!