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Hi there!

Meet your nursing BFF

If we haven't already met, I'm Nurse Mo and I'm so happy you are here! Whether you're starting nursing school, dreaming of being a nurse, or have already clocked hundreds of shifts, I made this podcast for you!

It all started when I was in nursing school feeling absolutely drained by sitting at my desk and staring at books or screens all day long. So, I started recording myself going through my notes and that's when everything changed.

I was able to get up from my desk (imagine that!), I could actually go to the grocery store and run errands guilt-free, I could go for walks in the park, and my commute just became valuable study time.

Learning by listening truly changed how I studied and empowered me to get through nursing school a lot healthier (and happier!).

These days, I work in the PACU, teach in a BSN program, run this website, produce the Straight A Nursing podcast, and create online courses that help nursing students succeed.

You’re no longer going through nursing school alone 💕

Nurse Mo

"This podcast has been incredible!  As I’m studying for the NCLEX this podcast has had wonderful pieces of information and Nurse Mo just makes the process so much more enjoyable!"



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