Nursing school exam questions place you into a clinical scenario where you have to make decisions based on the information provided. Many times these scenarios are robust and full of a lot of details such as vital signs, past medical history, and the patient’s signs and symptoms. When you have a complex scenario such as this, it is called a case study.

Case studies can be challenging for students for a variety of reasons: 

  • They can be lengthy
  • They contain a lot of information, much of it numerical data
  • They often contain distractors or irrelevant information
  • They may contain abbreviations or terms you don’t understand
  • You might not be sure what to do with all the information provided

The key to conquering case studies is to use a systematic approach that you follow every single time. Hit play on this episode to learn the step-by-step approach that will have you approaching case studies with a lot more confidence!


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