As we close out 2017, it’s a great time to look back at everything you’ve accomplished, how much you’ve grown and how much closer you are to your goals. GO YOU!!!! At Straight A Nursing, we’ve seen a lot of growth in 2017 and are super excited about:

  • We started a podcast! And it’s amazing, if we do say so ourselves. You can access the podcast episodes by clicking the PODCAST link in the menu bar…or just head on over to iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher and search for “Straight A Nursing.” Be sure to subscribe, rate and review to help us appear higher in the rankings so we can help MORE students just like you!
  • We keep improving on the Nursing School Planner to help YOU stay organized and in line with your goals throughout the year.
  • We developed Premium Study Guides to help you save time, study smarter and rock those tricky nursing school exams!

Over the past year, our readership has grown and grown…and these are the top 10 articles you LOVED the most! If you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve compiled them into a handy round-up. Enjoy!

#10: Bubble Wrap Under the Skin
What is crepitus, what does it feel like, how do you treat it and what do you need to watch for? 

#9: Commonly Used Abbreviations
Even if you’re using electronic charting, you’ll still come across abbreviations. And…bonus…knowing them helps you take notes in nursing school more efficiently!

#8: Blood Thinners: What You Need to Know
As one of my readers pointed out, I should have used the term ‘anticoagulants’ but I was feeling folksy at the time, so forgive the unsophisticated word choice, please. It’s not stopping this post from being featured as our EIGHTH most popular blog post this past year!

#7: Nursing School Supplies You Never Knew You Needed
In this post, we go beyond the typical supplies to those things that can REALLY make your life (and nursing school) run more smoothly.

#6: What Does a Nursing Student Need?
This is the post you’ll want to read if you are looking for the nitty-gritty supplies you need to rock nursing school, keep your life organized and conquer your clinical rotations!

#5: When to Intubate Your Patient
Knowing when your patient is in respiratory distress and needs immediate rescue intervention is vitally important in the clinical setting.

#4: Be an End of Shift Report Rockstar
Does giving report make you nervous? Not sure you’re covering all the things you need to? Want to speak confidently and ensure your patient receives a safe and proper hand-off? Then this post is for you!

#3: What’s a P/F Ratio and Why Should You Care?
Not only is this the shortest blog post on the site, it is consistently one of the most popular! Go check it out to find out why 🙂

#2: Narrative Notes…Write Them Like a Pro!
Something else our readers have loved this past year is a definitely guide on writing narrative notes with confidence.

#1: Dosage Calculations The Easy Way!
And here we are….to our MOST POPULAR blog post of 2017. Learn a foolproof, easy, systematic way to do dosage calculations that get you to the right answer every single time.

So what’s coming up for Straight A Nursing in 2018? SO GLAD YOU ASKED!

  • NURSING SCHOOL BOOTCAMP! Launching in late summer 2018, the bootcamp is designed for nursing students getting ready to START their programs. It is going to be absolutely amazing and is definitely what we are most excited about for the coming year!
  • A WELLNESS section on the website because taking care of yourself during nursing school is so so so important! This section of the site will provide tips on staying healthy with your uniquely busy and demanding schedule.

What are YOU most excited about for the coming year? Let us know in the comments below. Happy New Year to all and see you in 2018!


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