Did you just get your acceptance letter? Are you starting nursing school soon?  FIRST OF ALL, CONGRATULATIONS! Here are five things you can do right away to start getting yourself ready for what will probably be the busiest, most stressful (and maybe even the most FUN) time of your life!

1) Read

Chances are, you’ve worked your tail off to get where you are right now. The first thing I’m asking you to do is READ FOR PLEASURE.  You may not remember how, you may feel like you’re wasting time, but trust me…it may be your last leisurely reading for a while. Not sure what your next book should be? Check out Goodreads, it’s kinda like iTunes for books in that it recommends things you might like based off books you enjoy. I am also a huge fan of audiobooks. The last one I listened to was The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson and it was a good one!

Check out Kati Kleber’s book, Becoming Nursey (#ad). It’s fantastic and full of great advice. And…bonus! Kati is a such a wonderful, kind and caring person. It’s like you’re starting out as a nurse with your BFF by your side. A great book for those nervous about starting in clinicals, which for me was one of the scariest propositions! Check out her website too!

Nursing School Thrive Guide (#ad) is a book I wrote to help you prepare for nursing school. From getting yourself organized, to study strategies, communication tips, time management hacks and more…get yours as a paperback, Kindle or audiobook edition 🙂

2) Review

Alright, alright…before you think this is all fun and games,  you probably will want to review a few things. But what? Check out this post that outlines the main things to review before nursing school starts. Don’t go overboard, don’t wear yourself out and don’t stress about it. Just a casual review is all you need…enough to keep your brain in shape and tend to the garden of knowledge you’ve grown throughout your pre-reqs. GET THE GOODS!

Enroll in Crucial Concepts Bootcamp, the only nursing school preparatory program that reviews key topics you’ll need to know and teaches nursing students HOW to be successful, so that you can walk into your very first day feeling confident and ready to conquer.

Want to have a radically different nursing school experience? Explore Crucial Concepts Bootcamp!

3) Get the supplies you need

Nursing school requires a fair amount of STUFF, so start shopping early so you can find good deals. This post showcases the main things I recommend for nursing students…and yes, comfortable shoes are a MUST! Sadly, they’ll probably have to be white. READ IT HERE!

4) Listen to podcasts

I absolutely love love love podcasts. In fact, I love them so much that I started my own! Here are a few of my favorites available on iTunes:

  • Straight a Nursing by yours truly
  • FreshRN Podcast by Kati Kleber
  • Nursing Podcast by NRSNG
  • Your Next Shift by Elizabeth Scala
  • ICU Rounds by Dr. Jeffrey Guy

And, because we don’t have to listen to nursing podcasts 24/7….I also love Thinking Sideways, My Favorite Murder, Astonishing Legends, Generation Why, Stuff You Should Know, Dirty John, Sword & Scale, S-Town and Serial. Have at it!

5) Refresh and renew

This one might go without saying, but please take this time to recharge your batteries. You worked SO HARD to get through your pre-requisites and now you have a few blessed weeks to treat yourself to some kindness and care. See your friends, hang out with your family, pick up that hobby you set aside, learn a new one, laugh, dance, do things that bring you joy and spend as much time as you can outside. Your heart and soul will thank you for it.

I wish you the VERY best of luck and know you are going to do great! I am here for you, this website is here for you…use the search bar to find things you’re interested in or struggling with. Chances are, it’s here. And if it’s not, reach out and we’ll get it added!

All the best to you! And welcome to nursing…you’re going to love it!


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