Though I totally dig my Erin Condren planner for life after nursing school, I just don’t think there’s anyway it would ever work well for a nursing student. The schedule is just too jam-packed! When I was a student, I used a full-sized (8.5×11) planner and was happily using up every square inch of the available space. While it was a really functional planner, it wasn’t quite perfect for nursing students (and the design left something to be desired). So, what’s a busy nursing student to do? How about use a specific nursing school planner? Sounds pretty good, right?

Lucky for you, I’ve designed an awesome planner that’s super functional and created specifically for nursing and pre-nursing students! And, it’s pretty darn snazzy looking (if I do say so myself!)

nursing school planner

Weekly spreads make it easy to block out your time so you get it all done!

Why use a paper planner, you ask? Why not just use your smart phone? For some people, a phone works well…but I just don’t see how it can work well for something as chaotic and busy as nursing school. Here are my top reasons why this nursing school planner totally rocks over using a smart phone:

  •  it’s super easy to pull out and jot down a quick list. I HATE TYPING THINGS on my phone…hate it! I’d much rather jot down a quick note, rather than pull out my phone every single time I need to write something down.

    nursing school planner

    Lots of space to keep lists, jot down notes, track your water and veggies!

  • You can see your whole month at a glance. With a smart phone, you can only see a few days (maybe a week) at a time. With nursing school, you often have to plan WAY in advance to ensure you get all your projects done while studying for exams. Knowing what your whole month looks like helps you prioritize your time.
  • If you’ve followed the organization system outlined in my book (#ad), then you’ve got your syllabi all color-coded…wouldn’t it be great if you had a convenient place to carry them around? Stick ’em in the back of your nursing school planner. Bam! Done!
  • Keep separate to-do lists for home and school…this is HUGE for staying organized and keeping your sanity!
  • Each weekly spread has nursing facts across the top…get a little bit of useful knowledge as you plan your week! Can your phone do that?
  • Track budget, exercise, meal planning, group projects, future plans, goals, things that bring you joy, healthy habits and MORE!
nursing school planner

Track a healthy habit each month!


Group projects got you down? No more!

nursing school planner

Keep track of everything you want to explore on your next break!

nursing school planner

Set goals, never forget a birthday, and plan fun things for next year!

nursing school planner

Stay on top of your budget even when your schedule is packed!

How do YOU like to plan your busy nursing school schedule? Share your tips in our Facebook Group, Thriving Nursing Students! Want to try this planner? Get your nursing school planner right here!


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