The first semester of nursing school is hard enough…throw your Fundamentals class into the mix and you’re looking at a serious stress bomb. This is one class where details matter…and there are a metric butt-ton of them! How high to hang this, how far to insert that, how long to wait between intervals of such-and-such, how to do X, when to do Y…it can boggle the mind of even the most organized and studious student. Truth be told, once you’re out in ‘the real world’ there are an awful lot of conversations that go like this:

“Hey Sally, given an enema lately? I haven’t done it since nursing school, and that was on a mannequin.”
“I think you hang the bag 12 inches high?”
“No,” pipes in someone else, “I think it’s 18. Or is it 24?”
“And how far do you go in? 4 inches? Is the water warm or room temp?”
“Oh, let’s just go look it up.”

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And that’s what you do…you look things up. But in school that’s not an option, so your head will be swimming with details you never knew existed. Have no fear…I’ve got you covered!

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