One of the very best things I discovered while in nursing school was an awesome app called gFlash. And when I say awesome, I mean AWESOME. Being fully drenched in OCD-ness, I was an avid flashcard user all through my prerequisites. But, as I found out, it can be a pain in the neck to write out all those cards and then schlep them around everywhere. And then if you drop them? Oh boy!

With gFlash, I was able to make electronic flashcards that I could go through quickly and easily…right there on my phone. AMAZING!  I found that if I had a few minutes to spare here and there, I could whip out the ol’ gFlash and go through a set…loved loved loved this app!  I used this app a TON during nursing school and later on when I was studying for my CCRN.

Sadly, gFlash is no longer available…but the good news is we are making a flashcard app of our own! I’ve been working on this app for over a year and I could not be more excited that it is almost complete. This app is slated to have over 4,000 flash cards. Yes, you read that correctly. 4,000! It covers a broad range of topics so you can study and reinforce your learning throughout all of nursing school in a way that fits in with your busy schedule. 

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