One of the very best things I discovered while in my pre-reqs and nursing school was the power of flashcards. I could whip through a stack while standing in line at the grocery store and in other snippets of time during the day. However, the only drawback was how long it took to create them, which is why I’m developing an app that will bring you more than 5,000 flashcards at your fingertips. The Straight A Nursing app covers a broad range of topics so you can study and reinforce your learning in a way that fits in with your busy schedule.

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Another great option is Study Sesh, my private podcast which features audio-based flashcards (I call them PodQuizzes!). I started using this method in organic chemistry and it turned my not-so-great grade into a high A in a matter of weeks! To get a feel for what a PodQuiz is like, check out Cardiac Pharmacology PodQuiz: Episode 175.


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