Crucial Concepts Bootcamp: This course takes a deep dive into crucial concepts chosen to maximize student success for those just starting their nursing school programs. By going through this Bootcamp prior to first semester (or in the first few weeks), students are able to begin their programs way ahead of the game. This Bootcamp includes:

  • 11 Modules covering a wide range of topics to increase nursing-school readiness
  • 21 Videos of clear step-by-step instruction presented by Nurse Mo (that's me!)
  • 15 Downloadable PDFs with 59 pages of reference material and worksheets
  • Steep discounts on other Straight A Nursing products!

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp will help you:

  • Reduce test anxiety with a tried-and-true study method and test-day strategy
  • Conquer nursing school exams with seven tools to decode and demystify NCLEX-style questions
  • Master dosage calculations with one method that works every single time
  • Begin development of your critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
  • Be a rockstar in clinicals, even with zero healthcare experience
  • Tame the mountain of nursing school paperwork so that what you need is always easily accessible
  • Study more efficiently so you master the material (and don't just memorize it)
  • Understand how to write care plans and decipher medical language
  • Get organized so you never miss a deadline, always get to bed on time, and make every minute count

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp includes instruction on:

  • Medical terms and abbreviations
  • Dosage calculations
  • Electrolytes and their key roles
  • Fluid compartments and fluid shifts, the foundation of understanding hemodynamics
  • Testing strategies
  • Studying effectively
  • Critical thinking
  • The Nursing Process and The Tanner Model, the backbone of your clinical decision-making
  • Understanding and writing nursing diagnoses
  • Communication in the clinical setting
  • Prioritizing and time management at the bedside
  • Vital signs overview
  • Writing care plans with confidence

Crucial Concepts is GREAT for nursing educators, too!

Let's face it, you have a LOT on your plate. As an MSN student in nursing education, I know how challenging it can be to cover ALL the content and knowledge you want to share with your students. You'll be relieved to know that Crucial Concepts Bootcamp can take the burden off nursing school educators so you can get right down to the really good stuff!

By incorporating this course into your curriculum, you can spend your time covering core material needed to get students ready for clinical and their first nursing school exams. To inquire about multi-use licensing, please contact me for FREE DEMO ACCESS!

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp includes the Dosage Calculations course. Interested in JUST learning how to master dosage calculations for now? Then this course is exactly what you're looking for!