Does learning pharmacology just make you more confused?

Review key pharmacology concepts and drug classes on-the-go with Fast Pharmacology.


Most instructors make pharmacology overly complicated.

The truth is, pharmacology is a complex topic but it doesn't have to be taught in an overly-complicated way. Most nursing curriculums OVER teach pharmacology, which leaves you feeling like you have to memorize a million random facts in order to pass exams. Not only is this exhausting, but, in most cases, it's actually a waste of time. 

When you understand the foundations of drug classes and why drugs do what they do, the rest of pharmacology falls into place.

I created Fast Pharmacology so that you could bridge the gap between being taught pharmacology and actually understanding it. These lessons focus on the "need to know" information so you can feel more confident administering medications as nurse or nursing student.



Fast Pharmacology is an audio-based program that explains pharmacology concepts and more than 80 drug classes in lessons that are five minutes or less! Listen on-the-go with the podcast version, or log in online to browse by category, take quizzes, and download transcripts. 


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 More than 100 audio-based lessons

 Pharmacology foundation concepts

 More than 80 lessons by drug class

 Downloadable transcripts

 Optional quizzes

 Podcast and online version

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When you enroll in Fast Pharmacology, you'll receive two welcome emails. 

One email has information about accessing Fast Pharmacology in the online portal. If you have purchased other Straight A Nursing programs in the past, Fast Pharmacology will be in your course library along with the other programs you've enrolled in.

The second email gives you access to the private podcast version of Fast Pharmacology. Open this email from your mobile device and just follow the easy prompts to add it to your podcast player.

The online version has lessons listed alphabetically by drug class AND grouped by body system. You will also find downloadable transcripts and optional quizzes in the online platform. 

The podcast version has the lessons alphabetically by drug class so you easily find the topics you are interested in.

On an iPhone, we recommend listening to Fast Pharmacology using Apple Podcasts. On an Android phone, we recommend listening with Google Podcasts. 

Other podcast players include Overcast and Pocket Casts, and you'll need to have these installed prior to accessing the Fast Pharmacology podcast.

Nope! There is also an online version of the audio lessons where you can find them grouped alphabetically AND by body system. The online version also has downloadable transcripts and optional quizzes, so you can test your understanding.

Fast Pharmacology is available as a one-time payment. You'll have access to the online version for the life of the program, and once the podcast episodes are downloaded to your device, they're yours forever!

Because Fast Pharmacology is a digital product with instant delivery, we are unable to accept returns as there is no way for you to return the product.

Please read this information page carefully for all the details, and reach out to us if we can answer any additional questions before you sign up!

Fast Pharmacology includes foundation pharmacology concepts as well as focused lessons on specific drug classes. 

Foundation concepts include:

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Geriatric pharmacology
  • Pediatric pharmacokinetics
  • The Beers list
  • Pharm class vs. therapeutic class
  • Routes of administration
  • Safe medication administration
  • Endocrine overview and hormones
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Alpha and beta receptors
  • The RAAS pathway
  • Life-threatening adverse effects
  • Antidotes

Drug classes (both pharmacologic and therapeutic classes) are organized in A to Z format (82 lessons total).

Additionally, In the online portal, drug classes are also organized by body system for concept-based review.

Have a different question? Email us here and we'll be happy to help!