Welcome to Your Organized Life

Congratulations! You are one step closer to managing your busy nursing school schedule with ease. I am confident that if you use your planner regularly, you will feel more confidence and less stress as you work hard to become an awesome nurse!

If you haven't yet downloaded your planner, please check your email for a download link. These emails often go to spam or promotions folders, so be sure to check there as well. If you cannot locate your email, please reach out to us at support@straightanursingstudent.com.

Click these links to navigate the must-know information about your planner:

  • How to have your planner printed and assembled with ease (click here)
  • How to have your planner printed at any retail copy shop or printer (click here)
  • How to print your planner at home (click here)
  • How to use your planner to its fullest (click here)

How to use your Straight A Nursing planner

The Monthly Pages: Put your big-picture events here such as birthdays, appointments, project due dates and exams. This is also where you'll set a healthy habit for the month and list out your goals and to-do items that don't have a specific date attached to them.

The Weekly Pages - Left: If you love lists, you'll love this feature! Each week, make a list of all the assignments you have due. This includes quizzes, online modules, discussion board posts and anything you must turn in at a specific date/time. You'll also notice there are two "to-do" lists...one for home and one for school. This is a great place to jot down things like  "bring BP cuff to class" or "sign up for simulation lab." While they're not really assignments, they are things you need to do this week. And, of course, the home to-do list is great for all those things that keep your life running smoothly.

My Plan for the Week: This is your overview of the week. Each row can be assigned to a category such as kids' schedules, fitness, meal planning, spouse's schedule or your school schedule. This is a great way to see at a glance your plan and major commitments for the week.

Goal Circles: These colored circles are to track when you meet your goals for hydration (blue), fruits and veggies (green), fitness (orange) and joy (purple).

The Weekly Pages - Right: This section is the workhorse of your planner. This is where you'll use time-blocking to plan out exactly WHEN you are going to finish all the things on your to-do list.

  • Start with your non-negotiables. These are the things you are not willilng to give up for nursing school. This could be family time, exercise, spiritual needs or simply your sleep!
  • Add in fixed deadlines and appointments. Next you'll add in all your set class times, exams and any appointments.
  • Next, assign blocks of time to everything remaining in your to-do list. This might be tricky at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets!

The Tracker Pages: These tracking pages in the back are where you'll organize group projects, stay on top of your finances, plan for the future and never forget a birthday.

Follow these steps to print your Straight A Nursing planner at home

  • Print on 28# or 32# paper, bright white (recommended)
  • Print from Adobe (you can download it for free)  and use a color printer
  • Print double-sided
  • Print a test page to ensure margin adjustments made by your computer are correct, if you must
    change print size yourself, start at 94% and adjust from there.

Use these guidelines if you are having your planner spiral bound into a booklet. Because all printers have varying ordering systems, use this infomation as a general guide. For an easy "hands-free" option for U.S. based customers, click here.

  • Finished Size: 8.5 x 11, 150 pages including cover (75 pieces of paper printed double-sided)
  • Paper for Inside Pages:  28# or 32# (higher numbers are thicker paper)
  • Color for Inside Pages and Cover: Full Color
  • Bleed for Inside Pages: White Margin (no bleed)
  • Cover Options: Each printer will have different cover materials
  • Bleed on Covers: Full Bleed
  • Binding: Coil Binding, Long Edge

Follow these steps to have your planner printed and assembled through 9 Cent Color Copies. My customers rave about the quality AND the price! Printing and assembly with waterproof, tearproof cover is $20 and you can add optional monthly tabs for $5. Media Mail shipping is $6 (not available in all areas), and FedEx shipping is $11.50. For international shipping, please reach out to 9 Cent Color Copies through the contact form on their website.

• Go to the dedicated order form at https://www.9centcolorcopies.com/product/nursing-planner/

• Enter the password LOVENURSING

• The PRODUCT is already selected and should say Straight A Nursing Planner

• PAPER WEIGHT is already selected and should say 32# Matte Paper (80# text)

• COVER is already selected and should say Waterproof Tearproof Cover

• MONTHLY TABS: Be sure to indicate if you want monthly tabs added. This is an additional $5.

• SHIPPING: Fastest shipping is the default ($11.50). If you want cheaper shipping, choose Media Mail ($6). Please note Media Mail is not available in all areas. If you have any questions about shipping or wish to ship internationally, please reach out to 9 Cent Color Copies through their CONTACT form (located under HELP in the top menu bar of their website).

• QUANTITY: You can share shipping costs with up to two others, please note 9 Cent will require proof of purchase for all three planners.

• UPLOAD the PDF that begins with “9 CENT.” You do not need to upload the whole planner as 9 Cent Color Copies already has the file. This enables them to process your order faster than if you were to enter the order manually. This file was sent to you along with your planner PDF. If you cannot locate your download email, please reach out to us at support@straightanursingstudent.com.