In this podcast, we feature our very first guest interview! Please pardon the sound quality as we are still getting the technical details figured out….the message our guest shares is worth it, I promise!

In nursing school you learn about being an advocate for your patient, and our guest (Eve) shares with you her views on what she calls “Warrior Advocacy” which is represented by a relentless pursuit of whatever is in the best interests of your patients AND your profession.

As new nurses (and nursing students), speaking up for your patients can be intimidating. With this podcast we hope to share some valuable insights into making advocacy less daunting so that you can confidently speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

If you’d like to hear more from Eve, check out her twitter feed @browofjustice or visit her website at


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NOTE: If you heard this podcast when you downloaded Episode 35, the fix is easy! Just delete episode 35 from your device, and re-download it. You should then receive the correct episode, which was about hemodynamic medications.