Since it’s the holidays, let’s all take a break from studying, shall we? Enjoy a sweet little Christmas tale, relax with your family and friends, eat too many cookies, wear too many pajamas and feel joy in whatever way makes your heart sing. We’ll be back to studying again in 2018 with many, many exciting things in store INCLUDING:

  • A Nursing School Bootcamp for all you new students
  • Premium lecture-style podcasts
  • A pre-printed planner that is going to knock your socks off and…
  • Maybe even an app to help take your studying to the next level

May 2018 be your best year yet…I know it will be for all of us at Straight A Nursing! Thanks to all of you who keep this website going and sharing your successes via email, FB and Twitter…it really warms my heart to know I am helping nursing students around the world 🙂

Take auditory learning even further with Study Sesh, my private podcast that uses PodQuizzes, Drills, Case Studies and more to truly change the way you study. Learn more here.


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