I am wrapping up an accelerated nursing program, and the Straight A Nursing podcast has been a life-saver! I listen while running and, without it, I wouldn’t be able to get nearly as much exercise because I would need to be at my desk studying. It was a no-brainer to subscribe to the complimentary podcast, Study Sesh. One of the features of Study Sesh that is not available on Straight A Nursing is the “Drill” episode. I listened to the RAAS system episode, and it was SO helpful! RAAS is one of those systems where I always say to myself, “I really ought to memorize that,” yet, never find the time to do so. Enter Nurse Mo to help me out! Drill episodes are different because they ensure you know the information. I’ve found the other podcast most helpful if I’m already familiar with a topic, then listen to fill in gaps and reinforce information. If you’re listening to Straight A Nursing and wondering if it’s worth $5 for Study Sesh, it is! Because of COVID, all my classes have been online, making Nurse Mo like a bonus professor. So grateful to you Nurse Mo!

Sydney Coffey
University of Washington