I have been following Nurse Mo’s content since the very beginning of my pre-nursing journey. As a second-degree student, I was desperate to find useful information to better understand nursing-related topics and make sure it was the right move for me. For over a year now, Nurse Mo has been like an encouraging voice in my head (and ear!) – I started with the Straight A Nursing Podcast and have since registered for Crucial Concepts Bootcamp and now Study Sesh. I will be starting my ABSN program in a week and honestly couldn’t feel more prepared. Nurse Mo speaks to you like a friend but is clear, concise and organized. I don’t fully understand all the topics yet, but I feel that I have a much better gut intuition that will serve me so well in school. The format of Study Sesh in particular is great, because I can spend more time on the drills and power-hours now, and save the podquizzes for when I’m further into my program.