After I completed Nursing boot camp and before Nursing School semester starts in August I was looking for something else to help me during workouts, walks, quiet time at home. I started watching YouTube but I couldn’t get the topics in the order I wanted. Anyways I went out on a small limb and decided to use study Sesh. It is so great. I am already a paper flashcard lover. But these audio flashcards….TOTAL GAME CHANGER! For me it was like having a two way conversation with Nurse Mo on topics that I needed to review at my disposal to listen to over and over again. I am hooked. Loved the blood flow through the heart! Even though this is a topic is something I “knew” during A&P now I feel like it’s concrete in my brain. I am so excited to have more study time with Nurse Mo to help me feel confident going into my nursing school journey.

Stephanie Bowen