Straight A Nursing Study Sesh

If you've loved the PodQuizzes on the Straight A Nursing Podcast, you'll absolutely flip for Study Sesh!

Rave Reviews for Study Sesh

Finished First Semester with an A!

Thanks so much for what you do! I have been listening to your podcasts during my first semester in nursing school. I listened to you almost EVERY day while out walking and when I added Study Sesh….game changer!

I actually heard your voice a few times while taking different tests and of course, that voice led me to the right answer. I always said a quick “Thanks, Nurse Mo” during those moments and smiled.

I finished my first semester with an A and you were there with me through ALL OF it…from lecture to studying to clinicals. I couldn’t be happier and I’ve shared your podcast with fellow students to spread the love.

We’ll still be taking walks together in 2022 and I can’t wait to learn even more!

Sabre Foster

Love Nurse Mo

My new best friend and nursing guru! A must to any nursing student! Love her!!!

Elizabeth Yoakum

~Best Study Buddy is Nurse Mo~

After I completed Nursing boot camp and before Nursing School semester starts in August I was looking for something else to help me during workouts, walks, quiet time at home. I started watching YouTube but I couldn’t get the topics in the order I wanted. Anyways I went out on a small limb and decided to use study Sesh. It is so great. I am already a paper flashcard lover. But these audio flashcards….TOTAL GAME CHANGER! For me it was like having a two way conversation with Nurse Mo on topics that I needed to review at my disposal to listen to over and over again. I am hooked. Loved the blood flow through the heart! Even though this is a topic is something I “knew” during A&P now I feel like it’s concrete in my brain. I am so excited to have more study time with Nurse Mo to help me feel confident going into my nursing school journey.

Stephanie Bowen

Helpful from the Get-Go!

I signed up for Study Sesh a week before my first Fundamentals exam, and it helped tremendously! I was already a big fan of Nurse Mo’s podcasts, and Study Sesh is equally as wonderful. The PodQuizzes really work well for me as an audio learner and supplement my course work very well. I also love that I can move around and be outside while also “studying”. These are a game-changer for me! Thanks a million, Nurse Mo!


My favorite study break

I love Nurse Mo’s study sessions. They are great to listen to when I’m on the road or out on a walk. Especially for material that is hard to wrap your head around, she breaks down info in understandable, need-to-know explanations. I especially love the drills and PodQuizzes for those hard to remember tidbits and lab ranges etc.


Way better than studying in my room!

This podcast study session has been very helpful. I love the fact that I can use the PodQuizzes when I am going for a run or working on my garden. It is way better than studying in my room. My favorite part is that I get to do things I love while still studying and learning about nursing concepts. If you haven’t done so I would highly recommend to get this subscribe to this podcast.


Helps Me De-stress

Study Sesh has gone into greater detail with more topics. This podcast also allows me to go outside while still studying, and more importantly allows me to still learn while I walk the dogs. I recommend this to people who feel like they can’t get out from behind a desk without feeling guilty that they should be studying!


Nurse Mo is hands down

Nurse Mo is hands down my secret weapon in nursing school. I used her Crucial Concepts Bootcamp before I started, I listen to the Straight A Nursing podcast all the time, and now I have the Study Sesh. I cannot recommend her enough. The way she breaks down concepts just makes it so easy to understand. No matter where you are in your nursing journey, this podcast will benefit you..whether it be to just freshen up on your knowledge, or to finally grasp the concept of something you’ve been struggling with. Thank you Nurse Mo!

Mindi Sanchez

Study Sesh!!!

I have to say I was so excited when Mo announced Study Sesh!! I’m in my first semester for my ADN, I’ve done her Boot Camp, listened to her Straight A podcasts and now we are study buddies! The material in all of her programs have helped me so much in my first term in nursing school!!!

Angel Day

Nurse Mo is the BEST!!

Study Sesh is seriously amazing. I just started Nursing school and there are several topics already that directly obtain to what I am going to be learning in Fundamentals coming up soon! I can’t recommend Study Sesh enough.

Christine McCullough

An Amazing way to study!

Thank you so much Nurse Mo! Study Sesh feels like a vital way to study. It forces me to use my recall of information and critical thinking without the option of choosing out of 4 answers. The drills are brilliant, again forcing me to fully grasp the pathway. You will find me out on hikes looking like an orchestra conductor, moving my fingers in directions of certain pathway routes and shouting out answers to questions and fill-in-the-blanks! It’s the study buddy I dreamed of having to retain all of the information crucial to learning in nursing school. Thank you for your dedication to us learners!

Best to you,
Amy Goei

Amy Goei

Life Saver!

I am wrapping up an accelerated nursing program, and the Straight A Nursing podcast has been a life-saver! I listen while running and, without it, I wouldn’t be able to get nearly as much exercise because I would need to be at my desk studying. It was a no-brainer to subscribe to the complimentary podcast, Study Sesh. One of the features of Study Sesh that is not available on Straight A Nursing is the “Drill” episode. I listened to the RAAS system episode, and it was SO helpful! RAAS is one of those systems where I always say to myself, “I really ought to memorize that,” yet, never find the time to do so. Enter Nurse Mo to help me out! Drill episodes are different because they ensure you know the information. I’ve found the other podcast most helpful if I’m already familiar with a topic, then listen to fill in gaps and reinforce information. If you’re listening to Straight A Nursing and wondering if it’s worth $5 for Study Sesh, it is! Because of COVID, all my classes have been online, making Nurse Mo like a bonus professor. So grateful to you Nurse Mo!

Sydney Coffey
University of Washington

Better than my instructors!

I’m almost finished with Nursing school, and struggled hard with the High Acuity content. I found Nurse Mo and her study podcasts! Usually I don’t like to study with podcasts or videos, but I put on the PodQuizzes or explanatory podcasts every time I was in the car, and I aced my exam! I can confidently say it is worth every penny. She explains the material better than my instructors!


Get Study Sesh!!

Loving Study Sesh!! Definitely has helped me to learn and retain the information easier! Would recommend to others. You are missing out if you don’t jump on these Study Sessions!!

Meredith Lillie

Study Sesh is Amazing!

I am starting nursing school in the fall and have religiously listened to Nurse Mo’s podcast the last few months. I feel so prepared to begin the journey to RN next fall. Study sesh has been an amazing addition to resources I utilize. Thank you Nurse Mo for providing us students with the skills and knowledge to send us into this world of nursing!

Brianna Peters

Grateful 2nd Semester Student

I just started my 2nd semester of nursing school! I stumbled across Nurse Mo when I was having a tough time with my pharmacology class, and I didn’t know what to do or how to learn the NCLEX ways after nearly failing my first exam. I first started listening to her free podcasts during my commute to work & school. Then, I purchased both of her bootcamps. I now am a subscriber to her Study Sesh! I must say that she has been a life-saver! I will pick podcasts based on what we are learning that week, so I can listen to someone else teach me the same thing. Needless to say, I went from almost failing to making the Dean’s list my first semester! Because of her, I’m gaining my confidence back in my study skills & NCLEX test-taking skills. I will be a forever listener! 🙂

Cat Boyle

Worth Every Penny!

I found Straight A Nursing a semester before nursing school started! I dove right in with her podcasts about being a student and time management. Before the start of my program I did the Boot Camp, worth every penny! Going to and from school and clinicals I listen to her podcasts about various topics! As a mom, I need all the resources available I can get! Nurse Mo’s podcasts are the reason I’m doing so well! Can’t wait to apply Study Sesh podcasts to what I’m learning come fall! I’ll still be listening during summer break to get my brain working!

Thank you so much!


Great Study Buddy!

I found the self check quiz fill in the blanks answer type very helpful after listening to the pod cast. And then the following page with the answer guide helped ‘solidify’ the correct answers in case I missed them.

Thank you Nurse Mo, I look forward to continuing this new style of study method for me. I plan to use Study Sesh after I review my notes and text material to help me have a better understanding and follow along.

Warm Regards 🙂

Lourdes Melody Teodosio


A favorite of mine so far are the DRILLS! By the end of the drill I have a good grasp on the information! Thank you for the Pod quizzes as well. All are very helpful!

Melissa Meritt

Level up!

I thought I loved the regular Straight A Nursing podcast, but this one is on a whole other level. Combined they provide excellent study material, and I feel like I’ve struck audiovisual learning gold! And drills – YES! I don’t start nursing school until September, but I already feel like I’m ahead of the curve. Thank you, Nurse Mo!

Kara Romero

I couldn’t feel more prepared

I have been following Nurse Mo’s content since the very beginning of my pre-nursing journey. As a second-degree student, I was desperate to find useful information to better understand nursing-related topics and make sure it was the right move for me. For over a year now, Nurse Mo has been like an encouraging voice in my head (and ear!) – I started with the Straight A Nursing Podcast and have since registered for Crucial Concepts Bootcamp and now Study Sesh. I will be starting my ABSN program in a week and honestly couldn’t feel more prepared. Nurse Mo speaks to you like a friend but is clear, concise and organized. I don’t fully understand all the topics yet, but I feel that I have a much better gut intuition that will serve me so well in school. The format of Study Sesh in particular is great, because I can spend more time on the drills and power-hours now, and save the podquizzes for when I’m further into my program.


Great study resource!

Just want to say Big Thanks! for creating such an amazing resource and study option! I am in my second semester of nursing school. I use Study Sesh all the time and I definitely see the improvement in how quick I can memorize the material. Every time I drive or do something around the house, I listen to different episodes / lessons. And it helps a lot! So again, thank you very much for helping nursing students to succeed!

Julia Kay