Nursing school study guide electrolytes

Understanding electrolytes is so much more than just knowing the normal lab values. This study guide takes you beyond memorizing numbers to understanding how key electrolytes contribute to your patient's clinical condition.

This electrolyte bundle includes:

  • The key role electrolytes play in the body: calcium, chloride, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus
  • Normal reference ranges for each
  • Clinical manifestations of lower-than-normal levels
  • Clinical manifestations of higher-than-normal levels
  • Nursing interventions and assessments
  • Physiological changes when levels are too high or too low

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This is so useful. Look at them every clinical


I absolutely love these! A great condensed version of what I need to know!


Great source of information and reference point! Can't wait to use these in my nursing classes when we go over fluid and electrolyte imbalances!


Electrolytes sample page