Passed the NCLEX!!!

Elise Barker McAfee

Passed the NCLEX!!! I really appreciate this group and I'm especially thankful for Nurse Mo <3 <3 <3 I read her book before nursing school, used her notes, planner, and podcast. I especially love the podquiz episodes and the encouragement to stay active! (my dogs were also happy for the extra walk time 🙂

Officially an RN

Alida Jayvee

Straight A Nursing got me set on a path to success. After having a baby and a strike costing me a semester my education was on hold and I felt so lost. However Nurse Mo saved my butt and got me back on track. Today I just completed my registration after passing my NCLEX and I am officially an RN. Thank you so much.

Seriously, THANK YOU!


Hello Nurse Mo and everyone! Simply; Nurse Mo is funny, informative, easy to listen to, and highly motivating. If I'm not working or sleeping, I've likely got Nurse Mo going on Spotify. I'm finishing up my pre-nursing courses, I've already aced my ATI TEAS and I'm expecting placement in a program next Spring. I've binged every episode of Straight A Nursing since deciding to make a career change in December 2020, now I have to wait with the rest of you. I bought the planner, and it's amazing! Even as a man, I don't mind the colorful layout, my only note would be that some of the fancy lettered words are hard to read (they're in a cursive style font) but that may just be because I have not learned that word or phrase yet. (I've since gone through, looked up each word, and printed the word next to it in pen, so it's not even that big of an issue. I bought Nurse Mo's book and followed her instructions with my pre-courses. AP2, Micro, and Chem all live in one binder, that gets worked through during that module, and then lives in the Mega Binder. That too is often re-listened to in audiobook format. Seriously, thank you Nurse Mo for helping a gung-ho Type A like myself feel prepared for my program! I'll be working full-time while in nursing school so being extra prepared, and overly organized is an absolute must! Also, I recommend the Facebook group! Everyone is super helpful, and it's nice to have a sense of comradery even in the distant learning lifestyle.

Passed NCLEX!!


Wanted to thank you! Just passed my NCLEX in75 questions! You were integral in that success!

I've never felt more confident

Mini Jimmi

As a 10 year gap student, I was convinced I was too old to go back to school, much less to go for nursing. After reading “Nursing School Thrive Guide”, listening to the podcasts, and enrolling in Crucial Concepts Bootcamp, I have never felt more confident that I can not only accomplish getting my degree, but truly be a straight A nursing student. Thanks to her, I am so much less anxious about school, and more organized, focused, and prepared to succeed. I’m doing great in my last bit of pre-requisites, and am more than ready to jump into my nursing course. Thank you for your dedication to the future of nursing by sharing your wealth of knowledge, and reminding us that not only are we not alone, but the stresses we feel are valid, normal, and manageable.

I appreciate you!

Lindsey VanKeuren

I genuinely think of you as my lead teacher in my nursing education so far. You are really excellent at what you do and I know everyone lets you know, but you’re just so appreciated by all of us! And I shout your podcast to all of my peers in school every chance I get!

Thank you Nurse Mo

Ennai Ashara

So today I did something I never do! I actually bought the Crucial Concepts BootCamp as well as the beyond bootcamp add on.

Why is that odd?

Well It's truly a testament to how much content she provides on her podcast (for free) to convince me that YES I need to invest in her knowledge bank!!! I personally love her voice it's soothing but not to the point of sleep (most importantly not annoying sounding yeay!!!) After browsing through my new content.......WOW!! I'm looking forward to having a successful Full Semester because I'm getting the proper a headstart!!

Highly recommend


Super excited!!! Just signed up for Crucial Concepts Bootcamp created by the multitalented Nurse Mo with . I highly recommend podcast, bootcamp, and her book. Nursing School Thrive Guide (available on Amazon) for anyone serious about becoming a nurse.

I have so much confidence thanks to you!

Amber Smith

I have begun to email you so many times to tell you how helpful your material has been. I have a little note on my bulletin board that I wrote during your facebook live a few months back, "my brain is open to learning how to do math, my brain knows this is hard, but I am practicing and getting better every day." I have been getting EXCELLENT grades in my first semester, and I have your material and organization skills to thank! I have so much confidence in my ability and in my system for school, and I don't know how I would be doing it without all the material that you have created. Thank you thank you thank you!

Game changer!

Elizabeth Eirwood

Just got an A on my first exam and I have to give you *huge* credit. I listened to every one of your podcast episodes on testing strategies, staying organized, minimizing test anxiety, etc. Establishing a morning routine *did* change my life, and gave me so much more focused study time Thank you thank you thank you!

PS: the episode on parenting in nursing school was a game changer.

Crying from relief and happiness

Kait Lyn

Hello! I wanted to share a small win. I am in my first semester of nursing school and had my first exam yesterday. I have been listening to Nurse Mo's podcast since last spring and purchased Bootcamp. Along with the podcasts and studying, I have been taking practice NCLEX style questions every day. I told my myself that as long as I made the minimum passing exam that score I would be okay. Well, I got my exam 1 results...I made a 96/100!! I cried a little from relief and happiness!!

Beyond Grateful


I decided to go back to nursing school at 54. Although I have great organizational skills, I had no idea how much outside learning I would need to obtain to survive school. I found Nurse Mo in the middle of my first semester. I am currently studying for my second Med Surge exam. I used Study Sesh to drill electrolytes, and I am currently watching her COPD video from the Beyond Bootcamp series. I’m beyond grateful to have Straight A Nursing as a resource.👍🏼❤️

The best nursing podcast!


This is by far the best nursing school related podcast that I have come across. I am so very thankful to have found Nurse Mo! I am a faithful podcast listener, and also a member of the Crucial Concepts Bootcamp &amp; and I have a Straight A nursing school planner! I guess you could say I am completely prepared to start my nursing school program in 2 weeks!! but what I love the most about the podcast is how I feel that I am able to incorporate learning into so many other activities that I do on a daily basis. I do a lot of traveling by car right now and so I have been looking forward to it so I can fill that time with podcast episodes. I feel so confident and feel like I am starting my nursing program on such a solid foundation and I am so thankful!! The Boot Camp has been invaluable, and I feel so unbelievably confident with dosage calculations. Thank you Nurse Mo for everything that you do and for all of the time that you put into your amazing content. I can’t wait to go through nursing school with you!

Becoming a Nurse, Thanks to Nurse Mo


I found this podcast when I made a mid-pandemic career-change leap and started taking remote pre-requisites. Your podcasts brought A P to life and kept me inspired to stay on this path of nursing. I immediately felt like I was part of the nursing education community even when I was isolated and studying by myself. When I was accepted into an accelerated degree program, Crucial Concepts Bootcamp was a no-brainer. I followed the program and cruised into an intense ABSN with ease. No math anxiety! Crushed every medication exam! Now, I’m almost done with my degree and Study Sesh is the perfect review and refresher. I might not know what the next gen NCLEX has in store, but I can master the content with Study Sesh on repeat. I’m so proud to join this profession with you. I wish I could say I’m graduating from “Straight A Nursing University”, but I know I’ll be part of the SAN fam for the rest of my career. Thank You!

Thank you so much, Nurse Mo!

Dawn Gaylardo

I am so happy to share that I passed my last exam of my nursing program yesterday and am looking forward to pinning and continuing to prep and sit for the NCLEX.

Thank you so much, Nurse Mo, for all of the tools you have created (especially vour podcast and med-surg solution) to help us nursing students to succeed! I don't think I could have done it without you.

NCLEX and Beyond!

Erica Davenport

Yesterday I had my graduation and pinning from my ADN program.

Thank you Nurse Mo for all of your podcasts and Bootcamp. I don't think I could have been successful without them! I will continue to use your resources as I study for NCLEX and begin my career as a new grad RN.

Big Genuine Thank You

Michaela Faith

I'm finally done with nursing school! I started listening to the Straight A podcast while I did my prerequisites . I bought the Nursing School Thrive Guide and read it a few times. I was a big promoter of the podcast to my classmates and nursing students that I met through work. I'm going to keep listening to prepare for the NCLEX and to review things I won't do everyday as a new RN in the ER. I want to say a big genuine thank you to Mo for all she does for nursing students!!!

Amazing resource!

Jessica Little

Two years ago, as a 36 year old wife and mom of 4, I decided to finally pursue my nursing degree. I had prereqs to complete or redo, and from the beginning, I used Nurse Mo's resources. I purchased and completed Crucial Concepts Bootcamp. I listened (and continue to listen!) to the podcast and Study Sesh episodes to prepare for A&P assignments/exams as well as my TEAS test. I've purchased multiple planners as well as the fun heart sweatshirt in her Etsy shop 🙂 Needless to say, I am a huge Nurse Mo fan and eager to start nursing school in January. I credit my acceptance in large part to the plethora of resources available at Straight A Nursing and know that I will continue to utilize them for the next 20 months!

Game changing

Diane Aliprandi

I was struggling with nursing school, trying to find resources to help me connect the dots. The videos and resources in Straight A Nursing helped me accomplish this! They are thorough and up-to-date. The content is presented in a way that clicks for me. My grades have since reflected an increase in knowledge and I am feeling more confident in my studies. Straight A Nursing has been a game-changer for me!!

Absolutely love these sessions. Learn a lot

Rachel Ozburn

Absolutely 💯 love your sessions/podcasts and all the learning materials especially in the Bootcamp.

Simple and effective teaching


I am a massive fan of Straight A Nursing. The dosage calculations course saved my exams. I got 100% in every exam I took. Also, the med surge content and worksheets solidified terms and made complex concepts easy to understand! I highly recommend it to all my nursing friends.

MUST listen for surviving your Med-Surg classes

Kasey Butcher

I’m in one of my final semesters of nursing school and unfortunately have to retake Med-Surg 1. This time around I found Nurse Mo’s podcast when I was looking for podcasts for studying on my long drives to and from work. I listened to her fluids & electrolytes ones almost nonstop and passed! After the first exam, I bought her Med-Surg package online & have gone through a bunch of her videos WHILE continuing to listen to her podcasts. And guess what? I’m PASSING with consistently some of the highest scores! If it weren’t for Nurse Mo, I don’t know if some of this content would have finally clicked. I recommend this to classmates ...this will help you SO much!

Love Nurse Mo

Elizabeth Yoakum

My new best friend and nursing guru! A must to any nursing student! Love her!!!