As we get geared up for the new semester, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the “must-have” items for nursing school. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through the Amazon links below.

Bookstand: Using a bookstand saved my neck, and also made it easy to type up notes and whatnot. The one I used can be seen here, it is super durable and also quite nice looking! #ad

Pens: My favorite pens are the Pentel EnerGel and the Uni-ball Signo…both are very smooth and have great flow, which means your hand doesn’t get exhausted from having to press down with your pen. LOVE both of these, but am currently leaning toward the EnerGel due to its slightly fatter barrel (easier to hold!) #ad

Calendar: We’ve all heard me rave about the UnCalendar…it was absolutely KEY to my organization in nursing school. I also love the Erin Condren Life Planner…but honestly, I think that the UnCalendar is more useful for school since you will be a list making fool!

Shoes: You undoubtedly have to wear white shoes…it seems like most people do. I loved these from New Balance…they were super comfy and easy to clean. Once you graduate and get a job, then spring for the cute Danskos and Alegria shoes!

Stethoscope: I use a Littmann Master Classic II, but you can possibly find cheaper versions out there (I got mine as a gift…someone is luuuucky!). Trust me, whatever you end up using is going to be 100x better than the ridiculous ones you use for isolation rooms. #ad

Nurse Pack: Some school uniforms are seriously devoid of pockets, so you may find you need a little extra storage. These Pro Packs are fabulous…and come in lots of colors so you can easily coordinate with your school uniform. What to put in your pro-pack? Pens, hemostat, scissors, alcohol swabs, end caps, blunts, lipgloss, a few bucks, breath mints, a Sharpie, highlighter. You will be ready for anything!

Clipboard: If your school is like mine, they may try to sell you a craptastic clipboard with a calculator and a bunch of nursey “facts” all over it. I bought one (because I’m a sucker) and it broke almost immeditely. I then went and got something like this, which I loved. I could keep my paperwork and pens stored away, plus it was super durable. #ad

Compression Socks: If you are prone to varicose veins, or just get tired legs after standing and walking for hours on end, you may want to consider compression socks…you can usually find them in any uniform/scrubs store. #ad

Snacks: I recommend keeping a stash of snacks in  your book bag (or clinical bag)…there’s nothing like a bit of hypoglycemia turning Nurse Wonderful into Nurse Cranky in record time. Go for things that have a decent shelf life like Lara Bars, protein bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruit.

Watch: You will need a watch with a second hand, and preferably something that can get wet. If you anticipate working nights you may want to invest in one that glows in the dark. I use a Swiss Army Victorinox Renegade watch with a black rubber wristband.

Ok, you are now well-equipped to do some school shopping! Enjoy…and if you have a favorite product, let me know!


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