In my ten plus years as a nurse, nothing inspires me more than seeing the light and hope in the eyes of a new nurse or nursing student. It is why being a preceptor was my favorite role in the ICU and why I devoted myself to creating a podcast and online business to support nursing students. Teaching truly is my passion and it would be an honor to teach alongside the esteemed faculty at CSUS.

Nurses are needed now more than ever, and with that, we also need dedicated and skilled nurse educators. Over the past four years, I have developed robust online programs and a thriving podcast that have earned me a reputation as an effective teacher, a clear communicator, and an advocate for our profession’s most treasured resource - our future nurses.

I am especially proud of a nursing school preparatory program I created called Crucial Concepts Bootcamp. This online course addresses the need to boost student readiness for learning and has shown to be instrumental in the success of thousands of nursing students throughout the United States and Canada. I created this program out of compassion for students who struggle during the all-important, and often difficult, transition into nursing school. It is essentially all the things I would teach a student if I were mentoring them one-on-one, and I have been honored to provide this teaching on a large scale.

My commitment to furthering the education of nursing students and nurses is evident in my weekly podcast. With over 320 episodes and 10+ million downloads to date, the Straight A Nursing podcast teaches all aspects of nursing in an easily accessible audio format. Though I reach a global audience, each episode is my opportunity to speak directly to a student, share my knowledge, provide encouragement, and let them know someone definitely believes in their ability to succeed.

I am excited at the prospect of teaching on a more personal level and welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can become part of the full-time faculty team at CSUS.