This audio-based program meets the needs of students who learn well by listening and also includes downloadable transcripts for those who benefit from written information. Fast Pharmacology is intended to reinforce the student’s coursework by distilling each concept down into an explanation that is five minutes or less.


Students gain a stronger understanding of the core foundation concepts of pharmacology.

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Pediatric Pharmacokinetics
  • Geriatric Pharmacokinetics
  • The Beers List
  • Pharmacalogic Class vs Therapeutic Class
  • Enteral Administration
  • Parenteral Administration
  • Topical Administration
  • Drug Administration Abbreviations
  • The Five Rights
  • Bulletproof Medication Administration
  • Endocrine Overview
  • Endocrine Hormones, Organs and Glands
  • Neurotransmitters
  • The RAAS Pathway
  • Life Threatening Adverse Effects
  • Antidotes


Students learn the key things to know about more than 80 drug classes and select individual drugs in five minutes or less.


“I love the way Nurse Mo makes these concepts seem easy. She does a wonderful job explaining what can be a challenging subject.”


“I have struggled with pharmacology all through school and while studying for the NCLEX. Fast Pharmacology has been an easy and fun way to learn and has made a huge difference."


"Love this! Fast Pharm gives you the information needed to help pass your nursing pharm quizzes and exams. It has helped me go from a 72.2 to a 88.9 in my pharm class so far."


"I love using Fast Pharm along with my notes from class to make better notes. It has been invaluable in getting quick or additional information when studying for pharm and NCLEX. Thank you for making such a useful tool!"