Crucial Concepts Bootcamp is a nursing school preparatory program that teaches foundation concepts and success strategies for new students. 


Prep Like a Nurse

In this module, students learn how to utilize the course platform. By anticipating questions, we eliminating friction wherever possible and clear the mind for learning. 

  • M1L1: How to Use This Program
  • M1L2: Meet Your Teacher


Talk Like a Nurse

Students develop a baseline understanding of key nursing communication modalities and the importance of clear communication in this module.

  • M2L1: Medical Abbreviations and Terms
  • M2L2: Communication Formats - SBAR, DAR and SOAP
  • M2L3: Giving and Receiving End-of-shift Report


Think Like a Nurse

Students learn the key roles of critical thinking and clinical judgment, and how these are applied in practice.

  • M3L1 to L2: Clinical Judgment
  • M3L3: The Nursing Process
  • M3L4: The Tanner Clinical Judgment Model
  • M3L5: Nursing Diagnoses
  • M3L6: Your Nursing Journey: Novice to Expert
  • M3L7: The Nurse’s Role


Act Like a Nurse

Students develop a greater understanding of basic vital sign interpretation, discover a process for approaching care plans, and gain insight into what is expected in first-semester clinicals.

  • M4L1 to L2 Vital Signs
  • M4L3: Subjective vs. Objective
  • M4L4: Care Plans
  • M4L5 to L8: Clinical Overview
  • M4L9: Patient Deterioration
  • M4L10: Maximize Clinical Hours
  • M4L11: Time Management and Prioritizing


Calculate Like a Nurse

Students will demonstrate ability to perform dosage calculations questions with accuracy. View these lessons in the standalone program, Confident Calculations.



Learn Like a Nurse

In this module, students develop systems for learning and studying.

  • M6L1: The LATTE Method
  • M6L2: How to Take Notes
  • M6L3: Using Tables to Organize Information
  • M6L4: Applying Critical Thinking


Learn Like a Nurse

Students gain valuable insight into NCLEX-style exams in this module.

  • Lessons:M7L1: Types of NCLEX Style Questions
  • M7L2: Life and Death Situations M7L3: Patient Safety
  • M7L4: Teaching and Learning
  • M7L5: The Nursing Process
  • M7L6: Prioritizing
  • M7L7: Acute vs. Chronic
  • M7L8: Developmental Stage
  • M7L9: Therapeutic Communication
  • M7L10: NCLEX Success Tips
  • M7L11: Test Day Strategy
  • M7L12: SATA Questions


Review Like a Nurse

With these lessons, students reinforce their understanding of key physiology concepts.

  • M8L1: Fluid Foundations
  • M8L2: Electrolytes
  • M8L3: Acid-Base Balance
  • M8L4: Blood Pressure Regulation
  • M8L5: The RAAS Pathway
  • M8L6: The Autonomic Nervous System


Review Like a Nurse

In this hands-on module, students set up organizational systems that form the framework of optimal time management and efficiency.

  • M9L1: Organizing Digital Files
  • M9L2: Syllabus and Binders
  • M9L3: The Master To-Do List
  • M9L4: Using GoodNotes and Notability
  • M9L5: Planning Your Life


Write Like a Nurse

Students learn how to locate quality articles, manage references and structure a scholarly paper in this module.

  • M10L1: How to Use Zotero
  • M10L2: How to Do Basic Research
  • M10L3: How to Write Your Paper


“I’m re-taking fundamental of nursing in my ADN program due to failing. I joined Crucial Concepts Bootcamp in July. After following Nurse Mo advice, I scored 96% on my first exam. Now I am able to think like a nurse, because of the way Nurse Mo broke things down into basic information and how to prepare in nursing school.”


“I will say to anyone starting the Bootcamp, buckle up because once you start you will become a better version of yourself. The lessons are full of excellent tips and the genuine nature in which Nurse Mo teaches will show you that you can do it and flourish at it. I've made it through the first month of school and have 100's across the board. I'm so proud that I'm making this work.”


“I just have to rave about Nurse Mo's Crucial Concepts Bootcamp! I just completed my third week of a pre-licensure BSN program and I am just LOVING IT! Although I am insanely busy, my stress level is quite low and I feel completely confident and happy. I LOVE NURSING SCHOOL!” 


“I am getting out of my sophomore year with straight As and it is because of Nurse Mo and the lessons she has taught me. All of my friends in nursing school think I don't have to prepare like them....they're right because I use the tips and techniques from Bootcamp.”