Confident Calculations teaches a step-by-step process for solving dosage calculations problems using dimensional analysis. This program includes video-based lessons that mimic Benner’s novice-to-expert pathway so the student develops both competence and confidence simultaneously. Confident Calculations includes more than 100 total practice problems as well as quizzes at every stage.


Foundations for Success

Students will learn foundation concepts that ensure success with dosage calculations, understand how dimensional analysis works, and learn a proven framework that guides them through setting up the calculations correctly.

  • M1L1: Alleviating Math Anxiety with Dimensional Analysis
  • M1L2: Dosage Abbreviations and Terms
  • M1L3: Rounding Rules and Decimals
  • M1L4: Anatomy of a Medication Order
  • M1L5: The Four Questions Framework


Dosage Calculations Step-by-Step

Students will gain confidence in performing dosage calculations by progressing from basic to advanced questions in a linear format.

  • M2L1: Single Conversions
  • M2L2: Multiple Conversions
  • M2L3: Medications Dosed by Time
  • M2L4: Medications Dosed by Weight
  • M2L5: Medications Dosed by Weight and Time
  • M2L6: Drops per Minute


Other Question Types

Students will learn how to confidently solve other common math problems encountered in the clinical setting.

  • M3L1: Reconstituting Medications
  • M3L2: Diluting Tube Feed and Formulas
  • M3L3: Calculating Percent Weight Loss


Tricky Questions

Students will gain insight into “tricky questions” that could show up on exams and gain skill in removing distractors and deciphering how to set up the equations.

  • M4L1: Information You Don’t Need
  • M4L2: Cumulative Doses
  • M4L3: Disguising the Actual Question
  • M4L4: Convoluted Questions


Putting It All Together

Students will develop proficiency with continued practice performing dosage calculations.

  • M5L1: Critical Thinking with Dosage Calculations
  • M5L2: Dosage Calculations Review



“I have always been one of those people that said 'I'm not a math person' and have horrible math anxiety, but this approach has made me rethink my math life. My boyfriend can't stop laughing at me because I keep yelling "I got it!" So thankful for this program!”


“I got a 100% on my dosage calculations exam today! It is honestly the most amazing feeling ever, especially since I have never been a math person. Numbers have always intimidated me, but Nurse Mo's bootcamp entirely changed that."


“There’s no way I would’ve mastered the dosage calculations without the boot camp. It was a huge source of anxiety for me and now I look forward to math questions on exams.”


“I just got my first math calculation exam and I scored 100%. I did that! I can't believe it! The way you teach is incredible!”