In a job with a steep learning curve and many opportunities to learn from experience, a clinical journal can help you in so many ways. In this episode we’ll talk through all the ways a clinical journal can help you:

  • Debrief after clinical. This will help you learn from past experiences, which is a critical skill for any nursing student or nurse
  • Identify your current goals and track your progress
  • Monitor how satisfied you are with your current situation
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Manage work or school-related stress
  • Stay focused on your “why”
  • Define your career pathway

Of all these reasons, using a journal as a way to debrief after clinical is one of THE most valuable things you can do as a student or new nurse. Lucky you, I’ve developed a debrief form that you can download with the Clinical Success Pack here.

Enjoy! Looking for the references? Here they are:

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