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nursING STUDENTS love THE podcast

“The BEST Nursing Podcast”

Nurse Mo has such a cheerful and soothing voice that helps make what could be mundane material and turns it into something delightful to learn about. This podcast has helped me tremendously with breaking down complex subjects into bite-sized pieces that make it easier to remember.

“My Daily Listen”

When I first subscribed to this podcast I went through multiple episodes, I was so enticed. The next day I had a patient with the same problem that was being described in the podcast. I was way ahead of the game. Thank you Nurse Mo for everything that you do!

“Best Nursing Podcast”

She is an insanely good teacher, great voice, and gives what is critical. It is a reference I will often use and I appreciate all the time you spend to create these!

“This is GREAT!”

This podcast has been incredible! I wish I had only found it sooner than my last semester of my BSN program. As I’m studying for the NCLEX, this podcast has had wonderful pieces of information and Nurse Mo just makes the process so much more enjoyable!

“Nurse Mo is Great”

Nurse Mo is a must listen for any nursing student! I can’t describe how much better off I was at the start of my nursing program because I found her podcast 3-4 weeks before our program started.

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