The Everything Page

This page contains most everything that Straight A Nursing offers, all organized and laid out for you in this super-easy to utilize format. To learn more about any of these items, simply click on the links. Easy!




Crucial Concepts Bootcamp - $83

This nursing school prep course teaches you strategies and core foundation concepts to help you be successful in your program. Includes lessons on mastering dosage calculations.

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Confident Calculations - $30

Kiss math anxiety goodbye! Learn a systematic step-by-step method for solving dosage calculations using dimensional analysis that gets you to the correct answer every single time.

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Beyond Bootcamp - $35

Take your learning deeper by diving into topics covered in Med Surg and your clinical rotations. Big update and many new lessons coming this Fall. Get in now before the price goes up!


5-Day Challenge - $17

Nursing school can feel overwhelming, but not for you! Get organized for nursing school in this self-paced five day challenge.


Study Sesh Podcast - $40

Maximize auditory learning with this private members-only podcast featuring PodQuizzes and other forms of engaged learning.


Med Surg Success Pack

Med Surg Success Pack - $30

The Med Surg Success Pack contains study guides for ten subjects to set you up for total nursing school success. A great supplement to your lecture notes or when you need to save time.

Electrolytes Bundle

Electrolytes Study Guide - $15

Go beyond simply memorizing lab values and truly understand electrolytes. These study guides contain key information on electrolyte functions, signs and symptoms of imbalances and nursing interventions.

Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular Study Guide - FREE

Try before you buy the Med Surg Success Pack! Get the Cardiovascular Study Guide for free and experience how the Med Surg Success Pack can help you be more prepared, more confident and ready for nursing school exams!



Digital Nursing Student Planners - $15

Embrace your paperless lifestyle without giving up paper-based planning. Our digital planners are for use with GoodNotes or Notability and allow you to have all the features of a printed planner with none of the paper!


New Student Checklist

New Nursing Student Checklist - FREE

Download your ultimate guide to all things nursing school so you can get prepared and ready for your first day.

20 Secrets

20 Secrets of Successful Nursing Students - FREE

The definitive guide to what makes a nursing student successful. This workbook includes prompts for brainstorming and planning so you can start school ready to thrive!

Math Anxiety

Kick Math Anxiety to the Curb - FREE

If the thought of performing medication math has you feeling a bit nervous, I want you to know you absolutely can (and will) succeed! It all starts with addressing math anxiety and learning a foolproof way to perform these complex calculations.


Your NCLEX Study Plan - FREE

Not sure how to organize your studying as you prepare for the NCLEX? This free guide has study plans for three weeks, five weeks and eight weeks. Good luck!