Students are raving about Fast Pharmacology!

Wonderfully explained, clear pharmacology info

Rebecca Bernal

I am incredibly grateful to have so much important information succinctly and practically described like this. Nurse Mo hits the most clinically relevant points and makes important connections for me so my brain remembers it better. Everything is explained and organized to where it's easy to follow along. I appreciate having a quality and comprehensive resource like this on audio, it helps me feel less stressed about missing out on studying during all my commuting and housework. Thanks a million!

Fast pharm is a game changer!


I love using Fast Pharm along with my notes from class to make better notes. It has been invaluable in getting quick or additional information when studying for pharm and NCLEX. Thank you for making such a useful tool!

So fast and easy.


I have had the opportunity of listening to this podcast since I started Pharmacology and I adore this podcast. At the gym, cleaning, at work, and all errands I am able to listen to the podcast and learn. Anytime my brain checks out, the episodes are small and in chunks I can listen back or go over and over to cement it. It's made learning so much easier while being able to do it on the go. I love this podcast. I have suggested it to anyone who was looking for a new tool and my cohort friends. <3

Simple and Informative

Terran Bertz

I enjoyed this as a refresher since I have been graduated from nursing school for an extended period of time and am going back to finally pass my NCLEX-RN and become an RN. I love how it was broken down, and the information sheets included the simple but most important information for you to know.

Amazingly fast!

Katie Belle

Love how Fast Pharm has helped me review so many meds without getting stressed out by looking in a bunch of different places or in a giant book. This saved me so much time and stress!

Amazing NCLEX prep!

Tasha Evans

I bought Fast Pharm to study for the NCLEX and I am SO glad that I did! I felt confident on meds. Aside from the improved confidence for the NCLEX, I generally have a better understanding of the medications covered in Fast Pharm. Thank you very much for creating this course! It is completely incredible!

Super convenient

Joscalyn Thurman

You can listen to Fast Pharmacology anywhere while doing almost anything. You can listen at the gym, while doing chores, while laying in bed, even at work depending on what your occupation is. And I love that you can slow down the audio or sped it up. I like to listen to it slowly while I’m doing other things...that way I have more time to process what’s being said. And I love that it’s an actual person reading it rather than siri who pronounces things weirdly.

Love it!


I’ve listened to the Straight A Nursing podcast for over a year now and have really enjoyed them. I was excited to hear about Fast Pharm and glad I have it!. It’s easy to listen to the episodes continuously or find specific that they are short and to the point!

So glad I purchased


I'm so glad I purchased this extra product because being able to listen, then read the transcript while I'm learning different units in my pharm class has been awesome!

Fast Pharm was a favourite

Tracy Irish

I was already halfway through my pharmacology class when this resource became available. It was helpful to review the material in a different context on the same material. I listened to the audio clips anytime I was in the shower or driving. he short clips condense the information effectively, and I love that you can print out the summaries as you please. I wish I'd had it for the entire course!

Love the Fast Pharm


It is an easy to follow, quick overview of medication that you can listen while driving. I love that is not too broad...just the information you need for clinical or tests.

Great information

Sonya Stille

I love the way nurse Moe makes these concepts seem easy. She does a wonderful job explaining what can be a challenging subject.

Made a huge difference

Tara Nau

I have struggled with pharmacology all through school and while studying for the NYCLEX. Fast Pharmacology has been an easy and fun way to learn and has made a huge difference. Thank you!