Dosage Calculations Bootcamp puts a laser focus on teaching nursing students how to perform pharmacology-based calculations with complete and total confidence. Many nursing schools require a 100% score on dosage calculations, and accuracy is key to success AND patient safety. This Bootcamp course includes:

  • 7 LEVELS of calculations to take you from complete beginner to a med math master!
  • 16 VIDEOS of follow-along-with-me tutorials
  • 29 PAGE WORKBOOK to help you learn as you go and to reference later on
  • QUIZZES to test your skills
  • HIGHLY ENTERTAINING scenarios to keep you engaged every step of the way

Dosage Calculations Bootcamp will help you:

  • Perform all types of dosage calculations with one easy-to-use process
  • Pass your dosage calculations exams (which often require 100% scores!)
  • Feel confident in clinical

Dosage Calculations Bootcamp includes instruction on:

  • Medication administration abbreviations and terms, including routes and frequency
  • How to read a medication order
  • Must-know unit conversions
  • Rules for rounding and decimals
  • Single and multiple-conversion calculations
  • Weight-based calculations
  • Weight-based calculations by time
  • Calculating drip factors
  • Comprehensive review and how your professors will try to trick you!

Dosage Calculations Bootcamp is GREAT for nurse educators, too!

Many students come to nursing school unprepared for the level of accuracy demanded of medication calculations. As a nursing school educator, you could spend crucial class time teaching students how to master this skill, or you could leave it to Straight A Nursing! Want to see what we've got? Contact me for a FREE DEMO for educators!