Med Surg

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Med Surg Solution is a MUST!


Med Surg Solution is amazing. Concepts that I have been unsure about are becoming clearer. Thank you Straight A Nursing for breaking the information down in a way that I can understand. If you are heading into med surg this is a must!

Thank you for making Med Surg Solution!

Melanie Roberts

I just had to email you and tell you how awesome you are. I bought Med Surg Solution, and I just watched the video on ABG Analysis. Oh my lord! That was amazing! The Tic-Tac-Toe method is genius.

This helped me succeed

Dawn Gaylardo

I am so happy to share that I passed my last exam of my nursing program yesterday and am looking forward to pinning and continuing to prep and sit for the NCLEX.
Thank you so much, Nurse Mo, for all of the tools you have created (especially your podcast and med-surg solution) to help us nursing students to succeed! I don’t think I could have done it without you. ❤️❤️❤️

Essential for all med-surg classes

Danae Tosten

This is a great resource to bridge concepts covered in pathophysiology to material that is talked about in med-surg courses. This has helped with my exams and being able to find related topics. It is a great resource to use during a nursing program and to prepare for your med-surg clinical.


Christina Martin

Love the information, love the help and in love with the help I receive for my nursing school success

A concise overview, removes the fluff


There's a lot of information to sift through in Med Surg and MSS helps refine what we should focus on. So helpful!!

Excellent breakdown of very important topics


This has been helpful and very educational. The breakdown is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Thank you so much for creating this!!

Studying on the go!


I enjoyed listening to the lectures and doing the podcast quiz as part of my study cycle. I found the content helpful while being a different way to hear the same and information. I would often listen while on commute, sitting in traffic. I recommend the product to anyone in a foundational or adult health course.

Excellent content and quality of information.

Amanda Georgiades

I have learned so much and am still learning from the podcasts and the Med Surg Solutions. Nurse Mo is an excellent educator.

So helpful


So happy I purchased the Med Surg was helpful in completing my nursing class! Straight forward and clean information. Just what I need.

Quality content, so helpful!

Rebecca Bernal

I can't recommend Med Surg Solution enough. These lessons saved me, especially during endocrine, I wish you were my professor for all my classes! All the videos and study guides helped the most difficult topics make complete sense to me. It's so nice to have not just amazing explanations, but thorough and simplified content to go back to when I need the refresher. Thank you!