Review Maternal-Newborn with Study Sesh!

Study Sesh is an audio-based program that utilizes dynamic content to review and learn material.

Most of the lessons in Study Sesh are PodQuizzes, and I've included a sample of one for you below!

Think of PodQuizzes like flashcards for your ears. I ask a question, give you time to recall the information, then I tell you the answer. It's a great way to study without feeling like you have to sit at your desk 24/7.

Click play below to give your first PodQuiz a try!


What else is inside Study Sesh?

  • Study Sesh includes lessons in a wide range of topics including Fundamentals, Med Surg, Mental Health, Pediatrics, and of course...Maternal/Newborn
  • Other lesson formats include drills, case studies and Power Hour lessons
  • Key lessons include downloadable study guides