The 35-Day Nursing School Mindset Edit

Welcome to the Straight A Nursing Mindset Edit where you will undergo a massive mindset shift that takes you from uncertainty and anxiety to confidence and belief in yourself!

New students have so many questions and fears about nursing school, and so much of it stems from how and what we THINK.

In this 35-day series of live videos, we'll talk through some of the most common mental road blocks that stand between you and success in nursing school.

All times 9am Pacific (11 am Central and 12pm Eastern)

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July 8th - Avoid these nursing school struggles

July 9th - It's time to stop the negative self-talk

July 10th -  Let's crush math anxiety together!

July 11th -  Staying healthy in nursing school

July 12th -  Productivity hacks for nursing school

July 13th -  Managing the reading load in nursing school

July 14th -  Attitude adjustments to make before school starts

July 15th  -  The personality trait that sets you up for nursing school success

July 16th -  Things to review before nursing school starts

July 19th -  Using your learning style in nursing school

July 20th -  Accepting feedback in nursing school

July 21st -  Things I wish I'd known before starting nursing school

July 22nd -  Dealing with test anxiety in nursing school

July 23rd - Nursing school for "older" students

July 24th -  Pharmacology doesn't have to be impossible

July 25th - Avoiding nursing school burnout

July 26th -  Routines are the key to success in nursing school

July 27th -  How to have an effective study group

July 28th - How to plan your schedule in nursing school

July 29th -  How to study like a nurse

July 30th - Thriving with ADHD in nursing school

July 31st -  Getting your significant other on board for nursing school

August 1st - Grades are not everything in nursing school

August 2nd - Next Gen NCLEX isn't out to get you

August 3rd - Memorizing vs conceptualizing in nursing school

August 4th - Bouncing back from a failure in nursing school

August 5th - Bootcamp sneak peek

August 6th - Tips for thriving in clinical

August 7th - Staying engaged with online classes

August 8th - How to make your own study guides for nursing school

August 9th - Surviving an accelerated program

August 10th - New nursing student checklist

August 11th - Ten tips for nursing students

August 12th - Dealing with nursing school frustrations

August 13th - Overcoming imposter syndrome in nursing school