The 35-Day Nursing School Mindset Edit

Welcome to the Straight A Nursing Mindset Edit where you will undergo a massive mindset shift that takes you from uncertainty and anxiety to confidence and belief in yourself!

New students have so many questions and fears about nursing school, and so much of it stems from how and what we THINK.

In this 35-day series of live videos, we'll talk through some of the most common mental road blocks that stand between you and success in nursing school.

July 12th at 1pm PST: Five Nursing School Struggles You Can Totally Avoid

July 13th at 5pm PST: How Negative Self Talk Sabotages Your Success

July 14th at 9am PST: Got Math Anxiety? Kick it To The Curb!

July 15th at 4pm PST: Yes, You CAN Stay Healthy in Nursing School

July 16th at 8:30am PST: Productivity Hacks To Get More Done

July 17th at 9am PST: How and What to Memorize for Maximum Efficiency (TBD - traveling that day!)

July 18th at 5pm PST: It's Okay Not to Read Everything

July 19th at 9am PST: This One Personality Trait Makes All the Difference

July 20th at 2pm PST: How to Use Your Learning Style in Nursing School

July 21 at 3:30pm PST: Attitude Adjustments to Make Before School Starts

July 22 at 9am PST: You WILL Succeed with Online Classes

July 23rd at 12pm PST: What to Review Before School Starts

July 24th at 10am PST: Feedback Does Not Equal Failure

July 25th at 4pm PST: A Little Bit of Test Anxiety is Actually a Good Thing!

July 26th at 11am PST: Things I Wish I'd Known First Semester

July 27th at 9am PST: Pharmacology is Not an Impossible Class

July 28th at 9am PST: You're Not Too Old for Nursing School

July 29th at 11am PST: You Can Avoid Nursing School Burnout

July 30th at 11am PST: Stop Over-Buying Nursing School Supplies

July 31st at 10am PST: A Morning Routine Just Might Change Everything

August 1st at 12pm PST: Rethinking the Study Group

August 2nd at 8:30am PST: Why Making Lists Isn't Going to Be Enough

August 3rd at 4pm PST: What to Focus on in Nursing School

August 4th at 12pm PST: How to Study Like a Nurse

August 5th at 10am PST: How to Deal With Nursing School Stress

August 6th at 10am PST: Dealing With Nursing School Frustrations

August 7th at 10am PST: Thriving With ADHD in Nursing School

August 8th at 9:30am PST: Getting Your Significant Other on Board

August 9th at 3pm PST: Doing Nursing School With a Chronic Illness

August 10th at 5:30pm PST: Dealing With Difficult Instructors and RNs

August 11th at 4:30pm: You Are Not Your Grades

August 12th at 11am PST: Bouncing Back From a Failure

August 13th at 11am PST: How to Stand Out in Nursing School

August 14th at 9am PST: Do You Feel Like an Imposter?

August 14th at 12pm PST: Sneak Peek into Crucial Concepts Bootcamp

August 15th at 12pm PST: Busting Five Myths About Nursing School