Recently I received this touching email from Rebecca who is experiencing something I think a lot of us have experienced.

I really really want to get accepted into the bsn nursing program at my university. I haven’t been in highschool for 22 years. I am 40 years old.

I just started taking some pre-admission requirement courses, physics, maths, chemistry 3 weeks ago. While I love chem, and think physics is interesting, I am really struggling with the grade 10/11 math. And its not even a pre-calculus!

I am just so tired, daily. I just started and while eating breakfast I am reviewing the periodic table, elements, mols, grams, amu etc. Then at lunch it’s review the physics, then all night its on the phone with my math tutor at $30 an hr….I know I am whining….hang on..

I don’t want to end up in a cafeteria worker career. I do want an education and I know everything comes with a price tag, I just wonder if I can do it. I am feeling a bit beaten down because today I missed my GED math exam to get my general equivalency diploma, because my car service to take me the 2 hr drive showed up late. (I don’t drive) and the little catch up college I’m presently in is threatening to throw me out without completion of it.

Waaa. whoa…I’m feeling bad for myself. I know.

But give me some positive encouragement, if you don’t mind, please. How am I ever going to get through all the sciences of a bscn????

glad I found your blog, I am going stick around a while.

As an “older” student myself, I totally understand where Rebecca is coming from! When I took college Algebra I had not done any math beyond my checkbook calculations in over 20 years! And yes, when you’re a bona-fide adult with all the bona-fide adult stuff that comes with it (kids, husbands, mortgages, grey hair, car payments, wrinkles, aging parents…the list goes son!) then finding the time, energy and motivation for everything can be tough.

If I were to sit down with our friend Rebecca here I would probably advise against taking such heavy prerequisite classes all together…especially as someone who is getting back into the swing of things with school. The list of prerequisite courses for nursing school generally includes some “fluff” classes like communication, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and whatnot…I paired my heavy science classes with those and was SO glad I did. But, if you don’t have much choice and have to double up…then the best advice I have is to streamline your studying, stick to a schedule and always always always take time to do something kind for yourself. I worked myself into very poor health while I was a student, and hope that the advice and tips I provide help all of you to maximize your time so that you can take care of the person who matters most…you!

Rebecca, if you’re reading this…please write in and let me know how you’re doing. Good luck with school, everyone!

Be safe out there!


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