Oh boy, do I know the challenges our friend R is having. Here’s what she has to say about motivation:

I found your blog in the early summer and wait around like a crack addict for a new post. 🙂 Right now I am in the midst of 1st semester pre health (term Canadian’s use i/o TEAS for American’s I think). In any case, I am having the absolute hardest time finding motivation. The 1st 2 weeks of classes were difficult as I have been in the work force for a while but my job was not my passion.

In any case, I was hoping you could write a piece on how you stay motivated thru the tough school times? I don’t think you really do though as you are a rock star student and seem to love every minute of it. But still, if you can.

Ok, enjoy your day.

Motivation is one of the HARDEST things to maintain while in nursing school. Well, that and a clean house…haha. As for staying motivated, I absolutely thrived on being a good student, but there were times when I was completely and mind-numbingly exhausted. What kept me going was the dedication I felt for my future patients AND my fellow students. Even in nursing school I offered up my notes, shared my flashcards, published my recorded audio quizzes…all in the spirit of helping my classmates succeed. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to work, didn’t have any children to care for and basically could dedicate all my time to school. Many of my compadres had plenty of other responsibilities outside school and my little bitty heart just went out to them…nursing is a TEAM SPORT, ya’ll! You’ll figure that out soon enough once you’re working (provided you work on a good unit…not all are blessed with the team spirit I am so lucky to enjoy at my workplace).

So, at the risk of rambling here, I suppose the biggest motivation would be to determine WHY you are putting yourself through this endeavor. Is it to help others? Let those future patients of yours be your motivation. Is it to get a good, steady job so you can support your family? Look at the faces of those dear to you as your motivation. Is it to rock the heck out of a pair of Koi scrub pants? You get the idea 😉

How do you stay motivated?


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