The LATTE method was designed to help nursing students focus in on the KEY information needed to successfully care for patients in clinical, on case studies, and during exams.

This format keeps you focused on the nurse’s role and provides a systematic way to think through diseases and medical conditions.

L: How will the patient LOOK? 
Beyond just what you see with your eyes, what do you notice about this patient? How do they present, what are their main complaints? What do you see, hear, smell, notice about them?

A: What ASSESSMENTS will you conduct? 
What things will you assess for as it relates to this particular disease or condition?

T: What TESTS will be ordered?
This includes lab tests, imaging studies and any other diagnostic tests the MD/NP/PA will order. How do you prepare the patient for the test? Any other special considerations?

T: What TREATMENTS will be provided? 
What will the MD/NP/PA order for this patient? What nursing interventions will you perform?

E: How will you EDUCATE the patient?
What does the patient (or family) need to know about their disease or medical condition?

You can write these up on your own, or use my template which you can download for free here.

Want to see this in action? Watch our video here: