In this episode, Nurse Mo is joined by Dr. Sehgal, a board-certified urologist and founder of the YouTube channel UroCoach where he teaches urology concepts in an easy-to-understand way. In this episode, Dr. Sehgal shares some great tips for troubleshooting Foley catheters and managing them like a pro. Hit the play button and you’ll learn:

  • Tips for when your Foley insertion doesn’t go as planned
  • How to tell if the catheter not in the bladder and where it could be instead
  • How to ensure you get the catheter inserted past the balloon
  • What a coudé catheter is utilized for and tips for insertion
  • How to manage continuous bladder irrigation
  • Tips for successful bladder scanning
  • What to do if a suprapubic catheter becomes dislodged
  • Managing a nephrostomy tube


UroCoach YouTube Channel – Learn more about urology concepts from Dr. Sehgal in easy-to-understand videos covering a wide range of topics

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