In this episode, I’m answering five common questions I get asked about nursing school!

Q1: How can I feel more confident in NS?
Q2: Can I work while going to school?
Q3: How do I get everything done?
Q4: How do I study for Med Surg?
Q5: How do I learn from an instructor that just reads the PowerPoint slides word for word?

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp: Get prepped for nursing school so you can start out feeling more confident from your very first day!

Med Surg Solution: Learn Med Surg topics in less time!

LATTE template: Use the LATTE method to guide your studying for Med Surg, pediatrics, maternal/newborn and mental health nursing!

Nursing School Planner: Get organized for nursing school with the first and best planner made JUST for nursing students!

Thriving Nursing Students: Join my Facebook group and surround yourself with motivated and supportive nursing students!

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