Learn electrolytes once and for all playlist

Students often struggle with electrolytes but many times focus way too much on the lab values without actually learning the physiology. Use this playlist to learn electrolytes "for realsies" this time! Click on each link to listen from your computer or follow this step-by-step guide for listening on your mobile device. See you there!

Tumor Lysis Syndrome Is An Oncological Emergency: Episode 200

TLS Is An Oncological Emergency: Episode 200

Electrolyte Imbalances Podquiz for nursing students - Straight A Nursing Podcast

Electrolyte Imbalances: PodQuiz Episode 123

Hyperkalemia for nursing students

The Nurse’s Guide to Hyperkalemia: Episode 55

sodium and phosphorus

Sodium and Phosphorus: Episode 29

magnesium and chloride

Magnesium and Chloride: Episode 27

potassium and calcium

Potassium and Calcium: Episode 26


Hyponatremia: Episode 17

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