Praise for Crucial Concepts Bootcamp

Even though I could talk about Bootcamp all day long, it's really helpful for you to see how it's worked for other students. I'd love for you to be one of these future success stories!

Getting mindset ready!

I’m repeating the program due to failing out the previous year. I vowed to be better prepared and enrolled in Bootcamp. I am overly impressed how clear and concise Nurse Mo is. She goes over everything we reviewed in my nursing program the previous year. The refresher was extremely helpful. I feel I am better prepared than last year and look forward to every juicy bit of help that she gives. Highly suggest for any prenursing or nursing student .

Lynda Stallings

I bombed the first test in Fundamentals

I’m retaking fundamental of nursing ADN program due to faling exams score composite. I joined the Crucial Bootcamp in July.
After following Nurse Mo advice, I scored 96% on my first exam. Now I able to think like a nurse, because of Nurse Mo broke down things into basic and how to prepare in nursing school.

Hnat H Kpa

Worth it (:

I loved the way the information was presented. It was organized and having PDF files of each topic was super helpful. Especially during the dosage calculations. I just printed out the whole thing and worked on it while watching the videos. I don’t think anything could make my anxiety for nursing school disappear 100% but I feel a lot more prepared and know a lot more than when I started.

Summer V.


I am currently enrolled in the Accelerated Nursing program. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your BootCamp’s help with my studies. It has been immensely helpful in reviewing the material quickly and has given me the confidence to tackle tests easily. With the help of BootCamp, I am confident that I will successfully complete the program.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Nurse Mo for all the hard work and effort put into helping us. This experience will stay with me for life and will surely aid my future career. Many blessings to you!

Joy Michaels

Nurse MO is our nursing school guardian angel!

Let me tell you – Nurse Mo is one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the honor of learning from. This course covers everything you need to know before you start school! I was incredibly impressed with her dosage calculations module. I heard it was a highlight of the Bootcamp, but it exceeded my expectations tenfold! Nurse Mo goes into such depth and goes over all types of calculations and even gives you TONS of practice questions. I know I will be more than okay once we get to dosage calculations in school.

The entire course is way worth the price that you pay and I would highly recommend anyone buy this. Not only will you master dosage calculations and walk away with a healthy review of important human anatomy topics, but there are also many other useful modules that teach you how to think, act, test, learn, and organize like a nurse.

Thank you, Nurse Mo, for taking the time to create the Bootcamp for us! Also, thank you for all the work you put into making your podcast so informative and entertaining. I know it will help to guide me through my nursing classes too!

Colleen Keeven

A game changer!

After 20 years of teaching, I am following my dream of going to nursing school. Being mid life and returning to school has caused me to have a lot of anxiety about entering back into this high level of academia. However, Nurse Mo’s videos and lectures have been so incredibly helpful to give me the confidence I need to start school this August, In fact, many of my friends who are nurses said they think the things I have learned will be a huge asset as I begin classes… and they are a little jealous They didn’t have the opportunity to do Bootcamp! Thanks for helping me pull my goals a little closer to my reach! This was worth every penny!

Dana Cordell

Great Nursing School Prep!

I was feeling like I wanted a little bit of *pre-school* for nursing school itself. Crucial Concepts Bootcamp was a beautiful refresher and has my gears already turning. Through this, I discovered Straight A nursing podcast, and all of the other material Nurse Mo has. I am looking forward to more of Straight A Nursing help in the future. 🙂

Taylor P McConnaughey

Broken to Unbreakable

I will say to anyone starting the Bootcamp buckle up because once you start you will become a better version of yourself. The lessons are full of excellent tips and the genuine nature Nurse Mo teaches the course will show you that you can do it and flourish at it. The hardest part of the course was hands down the clinical math section. Mainly because you’re forced to accept nothing less than perfection during it. After a casual 3 weeks of working through it, I was dancing at 3 am when I saw the 100% pop-up on the final review test.

In conclusion, the Boot Camp is structured in a way to make you change how you think, teach you fundamentals, and prepare you for what’s coming. I highly recommend it and hope you find the same confidence that I have. I’ll see you out there fellow soon-to-be super nurses.


Nurse Mo’s Crucial Concepts Bootcamp

Nurse Mo’s Crucial Concepts Bootcamp is AMAZING. I am around the corner from starting nursing school and this online prep course makes me feel confident, organized, and ready for what’s to come. Thank you, Nurse Mo, for all that you do for us future and current nursing school students.

Kristine Nickell

You don’t know what you don’t know!

This program provides the fundamental tools every nursing student should have. I can not express how helpful this has been. Without this, I don’t know where I’d be. Just the confidence in knowing what to expect and being familiar with terms in my lectures, the math, everything removed the learning blocks of anxiety—allowing me to focus more and understand in classes without getting caught up in the jargon. Down to writing the research papers! The BEST thing I could have done for myself.

Amy Carvalho
North Shore Community College

Bootcamp is a crucial part of nursing success!

Nurse Mo has laid out an amazingly organized course. The tools and tips provided eased my anxiety. The refresher course on A&P topics and the amazing step-by-step guide to master dosage calculations, without a doubt, are worth every penny spent. I have searched many different programs, and this is the best.

Heather Howard

Great for Clinical

I’ve used this many times while in clinical- couldn’t be more happy with it!

Jonathan Anderson
Herzing University


I am getting out of my sophomore year in a BSN program with straight As and it is because of Nurse Mo and the lessons she has taught me. All of my friends in nursing school think I don’t have to prepare like them….they’re right ’cause I use the tips and techniques. Day 3 of semester break and I am taking “Crucial Concepts” again. This time I’ll take a little at a time and fully complete all of the parts of preparation for the upcoming semester.

Kat Alfano
Western Connecticut State University

Enjoying so far!

I have really enjoyed the simplicity in which Nurse Mo lays subjects out, in an easy-to-digest way. I begin nursing school in the spring, so I wanted to get an introduction to the concepts at the least. I will find out soon enough how much this course helped, but I have a feeling it will make the huge learning curve a *bit* easier. Glad to know that I have this resource to come back to throughout my program to refresh. Thank you Nurse Mo!

Ashlyn McDevitt

Worth EVERY cent!

I am going into my 4th semester of my BSN program and not super confident on what I have learned so far and after listening to the podcast I decided to give Bootcamp and Beyond Bootcamp a try. So far the program has been phenomenal and I only wish I would have found it sooner!! I have been telling everyone about it and how great it is. Nurse Mo it is amazing how I can listen to your teaching and not zone out. Thank you so much!!

Cheri Koetje

Saved My Grade

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp literally saved my grade this semester. I’m not usually one to spend money on outside help but I couldn’t have passed without this.


Calculations Easily Explained!

Like Nurse Mo, math isn’t my strongest point. The math review segment in Bootcamp is easily explained. I refer back to it every six months as I’m reviewing for an ICU program I will start within the next year. It adds confidence and that’s so important!

Karen A. Haddad

Thank You!

Crucial Concepts Bootcamp is the best thing for nursing students. I originally went to nursing school in 2019 and unfortunately failed the first semester. I did not know about Straight A Nursing then. I just finished my first semester again in nursing school and passed with a B+. I prepared myself with CCB and all of the tips and tricks Nurse Mo talks about. I am so grateful for Straight A Nursing. This product is a must have.

Ashlee Watson

Thank you Nurse Mo!

Hi Nurse Mo!
I am finishing my first semester of nursing school tomorrow! I purchased Bootcamp before my ADN program started and I am so happy that I did. I worked through all the modules and loved them all, but I think my favorites were the dosage calculation and the organizational tips for home and school work. I plan on going through the update on my break before second semester starts. I also just want to say thank you for all the informative podcasts!! I was given my patient diagnosis the night before clinical and I would find your podcast on the subject and listen on my early morning drives so that I was well prepared when I arrived. Thank you!!!

Anne Lisle


I decided to purchase the Boot Camp after struggling with MedSurg. I wouldn’t have passed without it. The modules are very detailed, easy to follow and lined up with my textbook.

Worth the money! 5 stars!

Carrie Richardson

Easy as ABC

Nurse Mo, thank you so much for your boot camp! I just finished my first semester of nursing school and I couldn’t have done it without you! I aced the dosage calc exams at the beginning of the semester and I always felt a little ahead of the game because of your program. You are a blessing to all nursing students/nurses.

Marisa Gomez