Students love how confident they feel solving even the most complex dosage calculations problems!

Calculations Easily Explained!

Karen A. Haddad

Like Nurse Mo, math isn't my strongest point. The math review segment in Bootcamp is easily explained. I refer back to it every six months as I'm reviewing for an ICU program I will start within the next year. It adds confidence and that's so important!

I got a 100% on my dosage test

Lauren Ross

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you!! I bought your dosage calculations nursing boot camp and it helped me tremendously! The first time I took a dosage calculations test I failed and the whole time I was so lost. I bought bootcamp and I cannot believe how well it worked! I will be honest in your intro when you said you guarantee getting a 100%. I was not buying it, but it worked! I got a 100% on my dosage test and it came so easy! Thank you!!

I know I will always get 100% on dosage calc!

Elissa Johnsen

Raise your hand if you CRUSHED your dosage calc exam today thanks to Nurse Mo and her boot camp! 🙌🏽 I definitely don't get 100s on everything, but I know I will always get 100% on dosage calc.

Confident Calculations saved my bacon!


Thank you Nurse Mo for dosing calculation boot camp! My school moved my exam up by one week and the baseline that boot camp provided me saved my bacon! 😘

This course has made me excited to learn more about dimensional analysis

Michelle Amundsen

I’m preparing to apply for nursing school and am really worried about passing dosage calculations. I thought I’d get started on that now, before I even (hopefully) get accepted to a nursing program. I signed up for Straight A Nursing Boot Camp and the scenarios for the Dosage Calculations module are HILARIOUS!!! They’re not dry and overwhelming like all the other practice problems I’ve seen. I’m now weirdly excited to learn more about dimensional analysis and for the first time, it has occurred to me that it might be possible to master this concept instead of just white knuckling through it. Thank you, Nurse Mo!

I would have failed math my 1st semester. Now I have it mastered!


Nursing school during regular life is hard. But nursing school during a pandemic felt almost impossible. Bootcamp taught me more than my instructors on a lot of topics because it was accessible to me when my instructors were not. The dosage calculations modules literally saved me in my 1st semester. I wasn't "getting it" when I was in class, so I went through the module in a weekend and basically taught myself how to do it. If it wasn't for Nurse Mo and Bootcamp, I would have failed math my 1st semester. Now I have it mastered! But anytime I feel discouraged, I can go back into the module to review and refresh my memory on it.

This method saved me!

Marrietta Forsyth

I just need to take a second and give nurse mo some huge thank yous! So my program really did not teach us med math whatsoever. I'm good at math and so I wasn’t too worried but I did have sometimes panic the first time I looked at a more complex problem. Using nurse Mo's crucial concept bootcamp with her way of teaching dosage calc saved me. I was able to tutor fellow classmates toward the beginning of class...but since then we haven't seen each other in person and everyone kind of forgot we had a med math test each semester. So panic ensued two weeks before the test. Well we took it, only 6 people passed and I got the only 12. So a huge thank you Nurse Mo!!

I got a 100% on my dosage calculations exam!

Sheena Grogan

I got a 100% on my dosage calculations exam today! It is honestly the most amazing feeling ever especially since I have never been a math person. For some reason, numbers have always intimidated me. But Nurse Mo's bootcamp entirely changed that.

I went into my exam with confidence...and passed!

Theresa Scott

Just started the third week of my 12-month ABSN and my first exam was today - med calc! I passed at 1100 thanks to Nurse Mo teaching me the dimensional analysis way! Everyone was stressing about whether they would remember all the formulas! I had none of that. I just had to remember the SAME four questions for every problem, Thank you is not enough word to say how much I appreciate Nurse Mo!