Ambassador Walkthrough and FAQ

This page provides answers to many commonly asked questions about the Straight A Nursing Ambassador program. You can choose from these links below or just scroll through for a step-by-step walkthrough. If you have a question not covered here, please reach out! I'm happy to help!

Piggy Bank Graphic Horizontal

This is your ThriveCart Dashboard, which provides an overview of your affiliate activity.
Login to ThriveCart here.

ThriveCart Overview

First, click on the PRODUCTS tab to view this screen.
Next, click on the Crucial Concepts Bootcamp product.

Products Tab

This is where you'll begin connecting to PayPal. You'll either create a new PayPal business account, or link to your current business account. Don't worry! PayPal considers anyone with a "side hustle" a business, and this is simply a special kind of account that meets the requirements of the IRS. I'll show you what to enter in each field in the screenshots below.

Products Screen

Follow along with me step-by-step to set up your new PayPal business account. It's easy, I promise! Start by entering your email address. If you have a personal PayPal account, use a different email address for this account. It does not have to be the same email address you used for the Ambassador program. Then, choose your country or region and click NEXT.

Step 1 of PayPal

In this step, create a password. Then, click NEXT.

PayPal Password

Most people will choose SOLE PROPRIETERSHIP which includes anyone who sells "on the side." However, if you have an LLC or other formalized business structure, choose COMPANY.

Business Details 1 PayPal

Next, add your name, phone number and address. If you don't have a dedicated business phone or address, these are your home phone and address.

Business Details 2 Contact Info

Add your SSN, birthdate, and home address here.

Business Details 3

In this section, choose DIGITAL GOODS MEDIA - BOOKS, MOVIES, MUSIC as it's the closest designation PayPal has that describes our online programs. For monthly sales, choose "Up to USD $4,999" or whatever is appropriate for your country.

Unless you have a website for your side hustle, choose "NO" and click NEXT.

Describe business

That's it! You're finished setting up your PayPal Business Account.
Click the button to go back to ThriveCart.

PayPal Setup Complete

Now that you're back in ThriveCart, when you click into Crucial Concepts Bootcamp, you'll see that your PayPal is active and that you have an affiliate link. Click COPY and store this link somewhere easy to get to since you'll hopefully be using it often!

Products Screen

If you need promotional materials, you can find them here (at the time of making this walkthrough, I didn't have any created yet 🙃). This is where you'll find social media graphics and text you can use to describe Bootcamp. Of course, you can always use your own words and images, too!

Promo Screen

If you are an online marketer and have the option to offer your audience a bonus, you'll use this section to deliver that bonus automatically.

Bonus Delivery

Once you start earning commissions, you can view your commission payments here.

Commission History

Frequently Asked Questions

Your unique affiliate link is located inside ThriveCart. See the screenshots above for the exact location, but it's easy to find. Just click on PRODUCTS, then choose CRUCIAL CONCEPTS BOOTCAMP. You'll see your affiliate link at the bottom!

Each sale of Crucial Concepts Bootcamp earns you a $30% commission, which comes out to be $24.90, minus any applicable PayPal fees. Business-level affiliates, click here for details.

Commission payments are automatically deposited into your PayPal account 14 days after purchase, unless there is a problem with the sale (such as a customer stopping payment with their bank or requesting a refund). Don't worry, this VERY rarely happens!

It's easy! Simply share your unique affiliate link and once the student clicks that link, your affiliate account is tagged for 30 days. If the student purchases Bootcamp within that timeframe (and from the same IP address), you will get credit for the sale. Note that if the student has multiple links shared with them from multiple Ambassadors, it's the most recently shared link that gets the commission.

Because you are earning income, PayPal requires you to use a "business" account. PayPal considers anyone earning money on the side to be a business, so don't let this make you nervous. I show you exactly how to set this up in the walkthrough screenshots above.

There are several reasons why a commission may not be credited. 

  • The purchaser did not sign up within 30 days of clicking your unique affiliate link
  • The purchaser clicked another link after you shared your link with them
  • The purchaser used a different browser or device to purchase
  • The customer requested a refund or a charge-back from their bank