TG reviews

Your book is such a God-send! I cannot thank you enough for writing it!!! I knew I needed some kind of blueprint, but how to put one together was the question. Now with your book I can relax a bit knowing I will be organized!! There is so much information on the Internet and it is too easy to bog ones head down with too much and that is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE  your book!! -Sandi

I love this book! I'm getting ready for nursing school and this book provided me with tons of helpful tips to get organized. -Ricardo

This guide is awesome to get you prepared for the big day. I am so happy that I read this and will be utilizing her tips to get myself organized. She also has a great blog called "Straight A nursing student" it is how I stumbled upon this book.... HIGHLY recommend!!!! -Katherine

This book is awesome and a "must read" for all nursing students. I have already begun implementing the steps described in this book and feel a lot less anxious about making it through nursing school. -Imnokie4now

I am so happy that I found this book! Any student going into a nursing program NEEDS this book! I feel so much more prepared and ready to take on my program. I love the organization tips and will use EVERY single one of them! This book stays in my purse even though I've read it twice already. I will continue to use it as a reference throughout my program. -DawnThrive Guide

I loved this book! It gave great advice about how to organize my life and study sessions to make school less overwhelming. I used her suggestions my first semester of nursing school and was very successful. Her notes on time management, organization and suggested resources were as amazing as she promised! I recommend this book to everyone who wants to make the most out of their study time. -Nessa

I was smart enough to follow @StraightANurse on Twitter and was told about this E-book! I am barely into the "Before Classes Begin" section and I already feel better about going into Nursing School! Seriously, being organized is SUPER important when entering into any semester in school, and I am so glad to have this book to help me get started with Nursing School an to help me all the way past graduation! YOU NEED THIS BOOK! -Carlie

Hello there! My husband bought me your book, Nursing School Thrive Guide, for Christmas and I just finished it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  I am so glad that your book offers advice for every area of nursing school because while it seems like it's going to be overwhelming, it also gives me hope that I will not only survive, but I will Thrive! 🙂 -Keri

If you are starting nursing school and are fairly clueless about what to expect, buy this book! -Brittany

Hi, i bought your book for thriving in nursing school and I love it!!  -Nastajjea

I have looked into a number of books that I could read that would help ease my anxiety and prepare me before class started. I'm so glad I heard about Maureen's E-Book. It is a well written, information packed page turner. It has great personal advise and step by step guided schedules. Maureen addresses the different styles of learning and how to incorporate each one into studying. She also provides great resources to help. After reading her book I can't wait to start classes. I know I have a good foundation of what to expect and how to start my studies. -Billie

I have been out of nursing school for around four years now but the memory of how intimidating and confusing it is when you start is still fresh in my mind. The Nursing School Thrive Guide is something I wish I had when I was starting out. The information in this easy to read guide is invaluable and incredibly accurate! Organization and the ability to plan ahead are must have skills to be successful in school and this guide will tell you what you need to know. I have recommended this book to quite a few people starting nursing school and it will helpful to anyone that has already started as well. -Trista

I LOVE your book! I've read it so many times! GREAT tips in the book! I'm so prepared for school now. -Dawn

First off THANK YOU! Your enthusiasm and commitment to helping future nurses is astounding. I am so grateful. I recently read your book after my first test in my second semester of nursing school and every test after I greatly improved. -KT

I just finished reading you book Nursing School Thrive Guide, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! -Jill


Planner reviews

Used this planner last year for nursing school and look forward to using this version on September. Great way to organize all exams and assignments. Thanks! -emeff11 on Etsy

This is definitely the best planner out there for nursing school and for me in general- I love how the days are arranged all together on one side and split into three general parts rather than hourly or not broken down at all. -Liz

Great planner to organize everything in life! With this I can easily keep track of things I need to do. Beautiful layout and the extra pages are great! Great planner that I recommend to everyone!!! -Leyah

I got this printed by the company recommended and it turned out perfectly! the design and layout of this planner is fantastic and very functional. I have recommended this planner to all of my classmates! -Arojumper on Etsy

The most perfect planner for the crazy, hectic life of a nursing student! I think this planner is absolutely amazing, and I LOVE the "nursey" facts on the weekly pages!!!! -Jennifer

I love this planner! Thank you so much for making this it is the best one I have seen! P.S. I loved your book! -Bethany

This is the best planner layout for academics that I have ever seen. Honestly, it could be used for ANY college student, not just nursing students. -Sarah

I'm so excited to use this planner! It arrived exactly on time! It's everything I've ever wanted in a planner: helpful, organized, colorful, cute, and perfect! I'm so happy! -Brianna

I absolutely love this calendar. It has all the things you need to keep the chaos of nursing school and your home life organized to perfection. I wish I would have found this last year. Nevertheless, I am thankful to have it for my final semester. It doesn't have the tabs for the months but I cut some out on my own, my personal preference. Hands down best planner for nursing student A+++++ -Jarrett

I love this planner! There is so much in the planner that helps you plan and keep track of everything. This was worth the buy! -Elyssa

Absolutely love! This planner is absolutely perfect for nursing students and I have recommended it to all my nurse friends! -Kayla

Hi I'm a current nursing student and this planner is absolutely beautiful. Just what I'm looking for! - Kimberly

Love it. Great way to stay organized. -Nikki

I love this planner! I have been using ELCP for years, but it wasn't going to cut it in nursing school. This will work out great, thank you. -Stacey

I bought this planner as a nursing student who is trying to Get It Together!!!! I love this. It is perfect in every way. School starts this next week and I can't wait to start using it 🙂 -Emmy

I have spent years trying to find a planner that helped me to hold together my insane schedule between work, academic life, and my home responsibilities. For me, the most critical (and appreciated) aspect of this planner is the vertical orientation of the days of the week (right hand page). Too many planners list the days horizontally, and my brain does not process information that way. The colors and design are lovely also. Thank you for a great product! -Whitney


SANS reviews

Thank you so much! The information you took time to provide is so very much appreciated. I am currently in Adults Med/Surg class & clinical, and our lecture instructor is very much M.I.A. Therefore, teaching myself the content is overwhelming, and after coming across your site I feel a wave of relief and encouragement to get through this and understand difficult concepts! Thank you so much for the study tools and sharing your knowledge. -Grace

Hi! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your LATTE method. I used it to summarize the different diseases during Adult 1 and scored a 92% on my first test and 95% on my second test! -Krystal

Hi! Mo I recently stumbled on your website full of wonderful knowledge for student nurses. May I say WOW!!!! How amazing that you put all this effort and providing all this information. You rock!! -Lani

I absolutely love your site!! Thank you for the time and effort you have put in to help other nursing students like myself. Your notes are straight forward and extremely helpful, I have been doing so much better on my tests this semester with the help of all of your information! Thank you again 🙂 -Chelsea

"I just wanted to thank you for your amazing blog and your constant drive to help us achieve our nursing dreams! Your notes helped me tremendously during my pre-req's and I'm happy to say that I begin Nursing school this fall." -Van

Now I feel like I am ready to start Nursing School this September. Please know that your website helps me immensely more than I can explain. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are truly making a difference in my preparation for nursing school. I truly appreciate your effort in keeping your website updated and for answering my emails. Your insights and recommendations are extremely invaluable to me. Thanks again. -Mylene

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