You asked for it, you’ve got it….more dosage calculation questions! We’ll start with easier calculations and work our way up to more difficult problems And before you think, ‘Oh no…not a quiz…I take enough quizzes in school!” Let me assure you, these dosage calculation questions are nowhere near as boring as the ones you’ll do in class!

Dosage Calculations #1 | Simple Conversion

Dosage Calculations 1

Dosage Calculations #2 | Simple Conversion

Dosage Calculations 2

Dosage Calculations #3 | Incorporating Time into the Equation

Dosage Calculations 3


Dosage Calculations #4 | Metric Conversion

Dosage Calculations 4


Dosage Calculations #5 | Weight-Based Problem

Dosage Calculations 5


Dosage Calculations #6 | Weight-Based Problem by Time


So, how was it? Feel pretty confident? Let’s take a look at the answers to see how you did!

Answer #1: 2.5 tablets. Go you!

Answer #2: 4 ml. You’re amazing!

Answer #3: 166.66 ml/hr (but you can round up to 167!)

Answer #4: 0.4 ml. Whew!

Answer #5: 4.7 ml…you got this!

Answer #6: 125.45 ml/hr (that was a tough one!) The trick with this one is doing ALL the conversions and not leaving any of them out. It should look like this:

dosage calculations

Now, cross out all your units and you are left with just ml/hr/pt, which is what you want! It’s how many ml per hour for this patient? You got it!

The main trick with dosage calculations is knowing WHAT the question is actually asking. Nursing school dosage calculation problems are notorious for trying to be as confusing and convoluted as possible. Many times, the question will contain information you simply don’t need…but since it’s there you think, “Oh, I need that conversion” even when you don’t! If you find yourself getting tricked by nursing dosage questions, then you then you will LOVE the confidence and skills you’ll get from my dosage calculations course, Confident Calculations.

And, on a final note…If you are reading this, you might be just starting nursing school and possibly feeling pretty overwhelmed. If that’s you then I just want to say HANG IN THERE! The first few weeks are really tough but if you let yourself fall behind it’s just going to get worse. Stay focused, stay organized and try to stay positive. Nursing school can be really fun if you can deal with the workload efficiently…I promise! A big part of that is staying on top of your intense schedule. To help with this, we have created a planner geared for nursing students…you can check it out right here!

How do you stay organized in nursing school? Share your tips in the comments below!

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