If you’re thinking about nursing school or about to start, chances are you’ve heard a lot of weird, ugly or just downright wrong rumors floating around. Let’s see if we can dispel some of the most common myths about nursing school Straight A style!

Myth #1 – The instructors are really, really (I mean REALLY) mean.

While every school is absolutely different, it definitely goes without saying that nursing school instructors are not mean by default. During my two-year program, I had wonderfully caring instructors and there was only one who had a reputation for being “mean.” But, once you got to know her, you understood that she wasn’t so much mean, just very serious and had extremely high expectations. In fact, one of the things that impressed me so much in the beginning of my program was how the teachers treated us all like peers, rather than like lowly students.

Granted, some instructors are mean, and some schools have more than their fair share of these grouches. But, it is not a definitive expectation that your instructors are all going to be absolutely terrifying. My advice? Wait and see…and hope for the best because you  just might get it!

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Myth #2 They try to weed you out early on

While it may seem like your school is trying to “weed out” the weaker students early on…they’re most likely not. What’s happening is that you are coming from a world where 90% is an A and 60% is passing, and entering a world where a 90% is a B and 74% is failing. This is just the way nursing school is. When lives are at stake, the bar has to be set very, very, very high.

Once you get over the culture shock (and figure out the right way to study), you’ll begin to perceive your 92% B as totally and completely normal….and know you worked your tail off to get it! Why? Because you’re awesome, that’s why.

Myth #3 The tests are almost impossible to pass

I’m not going to lie to you. Nursing school exams are hard. Super-duper hard. But impossible to pass? Not a chance…especially for a rockstar like you. The first thing you need to wrap your brain around is the concept of NCLEX-style questions. This is a type of question designed to mimic your licensure exam, wherein the question likely has 4 correct answers…only one of them is MORE correct. You’ll find yourself often saying “I would do ALL of those things,” or “I wouldn’t do ANY of those things!” Yet, one answer is just a tad more “right” than the others. Once you get used to this style of questioning, the exams will only make you VERY nervous instead of “Threat-Level-Midnight” kind of nervous. You got this!

Myth #4 You will never see your friends and family again

Ok, you can get this out of your head right now. If you study smart, are organized, and prioritize your time intelligently you will absolutely have time for family and friends. Maybe not every day, and maybe not every week…but if you go more than two weeks without seeing someone who makes your heart and soul sing…then something is wrong and you need to fix it. I learned a VERY valuable lesson when I was doing my pre-reqs. I was invited to a party for my husband’s good friend. He was about to go in for his second bone marrow transplant and had a big bash before he went to the hospital. I “had to study” so I didn’t go. And our friend didn’t make it back home. Since then I have always told myself, “people first.” Remember that.

Myth #5 You’ll be lucky to just pass your courses

If you haven’t yet heard the expression “C’s get degrees,” then you are either living under a very large rock or you are hard of hearing. Ha. All kidding aside, many students think they are just going to skate by with the C-grade they need to graduate…or they think that passing is all they are capable of doing. If you haven’t yet read my post on this topic, check it out (I’ll wait for you to get back).

Though this site is titled “Straight A Nursing Student,” the grade you earn is immaterial. Notice I said the grade you EARN…not the grade you GET. If you work your tail off and get a C…good for you! You totally rocked nursing school…you studied,  you worked hard and you did your absolute best. That’s ALL THAT MATTERS! That does not mean, however, that high marks are unobtainable. They absolutely are…and if that’s important to you (as it was for me), then I am here to tell you that it can (and has been) done. Again, if you study smart and manage your time well, you can EARN the grade you’ve got your eye on.

How to Ace Nursing School

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I hope this helps dispel some of your fears about nursing school…you are going to be amazing!

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