I took the examination for my CCRN on Monday and am happy to report that I passed :-). The experience itself reminded me a lot of taking NCLEX, but more miserable and less pressure. More miserable because it was a heck of a lot more difficult, obviously…but less pressure because it’s not like anyone “needs” their CCRN like they “need” a license and a job.

The “fun” thing about the CCRN examination are the 25 non-scored questions…these are questions that the test gods are testing, and from what I hear are basically unanswerable. I remember talking to myself a few times during the test saying, “I wouldn’t do ANY of those things!” Anyway, the good news is, I passed and I never ever ever ever ever have to take it again. Ever.

So, what did I do to study? Well, about a month before the exam I started doing a lot of practice questions off the “Pass CCRN” (#ad) CD that comes with the book. I didn’t actually read the book as that would probably compel me to stab myself in the eyeball with a fork, but it could probably be handy as a reference in the future if I want to look up something specific. I also watched the Laura Gasparis videos once through (she’s hilarious…even my husband was laughing!), and brushed up on PA catheters and the like with Hemodynamic Monitoring Made Incredibly Visual.” (#ad) For the most part, I started studying intently about 10 days before the exam…probably not the smartest move, but I just had a hard time getting motivated when the weather has been just so darn perfect lately 😉

As I studied, watched videos and took practice quizzes with the CD, I wrote down anything I wasn’t sure about…at the end I had probably 20 pages of notes. Since the test is mostly cardiac/pulmonary, that’s what I spent most of my time on…it is also heavy on “professional caring and ethical practice,” so if you’re bad at those psychosocial type situations, pay attention to those “touchy-feely” scenarios as you’re studying. I made flashcards for my gFlash app, but didn’t use those as much because I ran out of time and got really really sick of studying. Like really sick of it. In fact, I was so sick of studying that I vowed never to take this test again whether I passed or not. Though in all honestly, I probably would have…I’m not one to back down from a challenge!

So…that’s that! Really glad it’s over and done!