Med/Surg II

Here we have the hairiest class of them all…Advanced Med Surg. It was also, by far, my favorite! This listing includes lecture notes, study tables and a few documents with the word “objectives” in the title…with these, I took the professor’s objectives and typed them out to ensure I got what was intended from the lecture. How did I have time for all this?


Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: ABG Lecture  ABGs and Acid-Base  ABGs Study Table
Blood: Administration & Anemia  Blood Basics  Compatibility  Reactions
Burns: Burn  Burn Objectives
Coronary Artery Disease: CAD
Cancer: Cancer  Cancer Objectives
EKG/Dysrythmias: EKG Interpretation  Atrial Dysrhythmias  Ventricular Dysrythmias
Electrolytes: Electrolyte Imbalances Table
Endocrine: Endocrine Disorders Table
Hemodynamics: Hemodynamics & Shock
Immune: Immune System
Inflammatory Heart Disease: Inflammatory Heart
Renal: Kidney
Hepatic: Liver Lecture  Liver Patho  Liver Objectives
Mechanical Ventilation: Ventilation Lecture  PIP  MV Study Sheet  MV Table
Neuro: Neurological Impairment
PCA/Epidural/Central Lines: PCA Epidural CL 1  PCA Epidural CL 2
Respiratory: Resp Lecture 1  Resp Lecture 2  Pulmonary Disorders Table  Thoracic Disorders Table
Spinal Cord: Spinal Objectives

14 Responses to Med/Surg II

  1. Jalisha says:

    Thank you for your detailed notes!!

  2. Sanie says:

    Thank you very much this is so good i have been looking for something like this thank you

  3. Marissa says:

    Your notes are excellent!! Do you plan on adding anymore? I am currently learning the GI – any notes on that? Thanks!

  4. Nurse Mo says:

    Ok…good luck then! Have fun…nursing school is a trip :-)

  5. Teliya says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. Do you by any chance have GI notes?

    • Nurse Mo says:

      I didn’t take notes for GI in A&P because that was the very last chapter and I didn’t need to take the final test to get my “A”, so I didn’t bother typing up my notes. I do have GI notes for nursing school, if that’s what you need. You’re the third person who’s asked this, so I’ll check and make sure the GI stuff is tagged so you guys can find it. Good luck!

  6. Teliya says:

    Thank you!

  7. Lisa Woods says:

    Your notes are awesome sauce! Did you make up all these tables and such during the semester??
    I am getting ready to start my last semester of nursing school and I am so excited and nervous. I’m so glad I found your site. I will be visiting often!
    Thanks, Lisa

  8. Dawn Green says:

    Your website is awesome! I am entering my second year of nursing school and will definitely utilize your notes, study guides, and tips. By the way, I just ordered the rolling bag from Thanks again.

    • Nurse Mo says:

      That’s great, Dawn! Glad you find it useful! I can’t wait to get my rolling bag…I don’t care if i look like a dork in front of all the other grad students…at least my back won’t hurt! :-)

  9. erinlaurelle says:

    you are seriously a life saver! You have everything in such a great format! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

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