Med/Surg II

Here we have the hairiest class of them all…Advanced Med Surg. It was also, by far, my favorite! This listing includes lecture notes, study tables and a few documents with the word “objectives” in the title…with these, I took the professor’s objectives and typed them out to ensure I got what was intended from the lecture. How did I have time for all this?


Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: ABG Lecture  ABGs and Acid-Base  ABGs Study Table
Blood: Administration & Anemia  Blood Basics  Compatibility  Reactions
Burns: Burn  Burn Objectives
Coronary Artery Disease: CAD
Cancer: Cancer  Cancer Objectives
EKG/Dysrythmias: EKG Interpretation  Atrial Dysrhythmias  Ventricular Dysrythmias
Electrolytes: Electrolyte Imbalances Table
Endocrine: Endocrine Disorders Table
Hemodynamics: Hemodynamics & Shock
Immune: Immune System
Inflammatory Heart Disease: Inflammatory Heart
Renal: Kidney
Hepatic: Liver Lecture  Liver Patho  Liver Objectives
Mechanical Ventilation: Ventilation Lecture  PIP  MV Study Sheet  MV Table
Neuro: Neurological Impairment
PCA/Epidural/Central Lines: PCA Epidural CL 1  PCA Epidural CL 2
Respiratory: Resp Lecture 1  Resp Lecture 2  Pulmonary Disorders Table  Thoracic Disorders Table
Spinal Cord: Spinal Objectives

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