Looking for tips on how to study in nursing school? In this podcast I share with you the study method that changed my life, made me a more efficient student, focused my studying, and helped me understand the nurse’s role in caring for patients with both acute and chronic conditions.

If you are over-studying, spending hours of precious time developing concept maps and writing up case studies, then I am so excited to share the Straight A Nursing LATTE method with you. It is a systematic, organized way to focus your studying and the most streamlined, efficient, SMART and effective way to learn, review and retain complex information.

Listen to this podcast to see exactly how it works, and you can a free downloadable template here.

Take auditory learning even further with Study Sesh, my private podcast that uses PodQuizzes, Drills, Case Studies and more to truly change the way you study. Learn more here: https://learn.straightanursingstudent.com/study-sesh