I always laugh and laugh and laugh when I hear stories of nursing students who think they’ll never have to deal with poop and that toileting and bowel care is a job for the nurses aids or techs. Pause here while I insert a lot of really loud laughter…because to even think that for one tiny little second is hilarious. Like really? Do you know what nurses do? Nurses help people and one of the things we help people do is poop! Say it loud and say it proud, people!

In this podcast episode Nurse Mo talks about all things poop. When there’s too much, when there’s not enough, all the different shades (from grey to red to black) and what you are going to do about it.

If there’s nothing else you learn from this podcast episode, it is to treat your patients with dignity. As you help them with this most basic function, do so in a way that preserves their pride, their comfort and their grace. That is your job as their advocate…never forget that.